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Hunter X Hunter Fans Sound Off About Why Killua Is The Star Of The Show

It's been nearly 10 years since the "Hunter x Hunter" anime finished airing, but many fans are still hoping to see the series return one day. Although the series perfectly wrapped up Gon's main story, the manga continued past the end of the animation, focusing on other characters in the universe. The manga famously went on hiatus in 2018 due to creator Yoshihiro Togashi's health issues, but a recent tweet suggests he's back at work writing "Hunter x Hunter."

While "Hunter x Hunter" would have fans believe it's focused on a boy named Gon, whose world-famous Hunter father abandoned his son when he was just a baby, some might disagree. Though the narrative primarily follows Gon as he sets out to become a Hunter and find his father, just as much time is spent familiarizing readers or watchers with the colorful cast of supporting characters. Among many memorable faces, there's one character that fans love so much, they practically consider him the main character: Killua.

Yoshihiro Togashi introduced Killua early on in "Hunter x Hunter," with the young character befriending Gon at the beginning of the Hunter Qualification Exam. While the two were quick to bond over similarities, Killua starts a mysterious and soft-spoken character, practically the exact opposite of Gon. Fans get a better understanding of Killua as the series continues, learning that he hails from a famous family of assassins. However, that same family proved incredibly toxic and abusive throughout his childhood.

Here's why fans love Killua.

Move over Gon, this is Killua's show

Clearly, "Hunter x Hunter" fans love Killua's character. His tragic backstory provokes raw emotions, but it's his development throughout the series that really resonates with fans. Commenters expressed their admiration for Killua on the official "Hunter x Hunter" subreddit. When asked what makes him a great character, protag7 said, "I honestly think Killua has by far the best positive character arc in shonen or even one of the best from manga in general. It also very beautifully contrast with Gons negative character arc."

Redditors focused on his relatability, like AwesomeFangirl33, saying, "His vulnerability and the fact that most of us, at some point in our lives, felt like him. He's just so relatable and so human and he feels so much despite his horrifying background." SpaciousAssassin echoed this sentiment, citing Killua's struggles and how he pushed through them as something most viewers can relate to in their everyday lives.

Th3Yukio and capitalistcommunism brought up the changes Killua went through over the course of the series and how it foiled much of what happened to Gon. The two touched on the fact that while Gon may appear as the protagonist at the start of the series, and he's often the focus of the manga or anime, Killua's redemption arc propels his ideals and actions to a place generally reserved for a series lead.

Here's hoping Killua will one day get his time in the spotlight.