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One Piece Film: Red's Uta Sings Seven Songs And They're All Bangers

Music is an integral part of "One Piece Film: Red"; its entire premise revolves around the mysterious Uta and a concert that is set to expose some truly shocking secrets. The film places the concert front and center of this intricate plot instead of leaving it as filler during the surrounding narrative. What results is a film that is heavily intertwined with its soundtrack.

Uta's songs are proving to be popular in Japan, getting a life of their own outside of the film. The songs were released as a separate soundtrack titled "Uta no Uta: One Piece Film Red." Their success is also making history for singer Ado. The singer — and singing voice for Uta — became the first performer in the monitoring service's history to chart five songs in their Top 5 streaming chart. It's even more of an impressive feat considering all of this happened over just two weeks (via Crunchyroll). For Ado, the growing worldwide recognition thanks to "Red" is also leading to major opportunities; she's just signed with Geffen Records and will be releasing new music in the United States (via Anime Trending).

The seven songs that make up the film's vocal offerings are pop earworms. These bangers are proving the connection between "One Piece" and its music is still one of the best in anime.

New Genesis gets the party started

Uta is a special creation among the extensive list of characters to make up the "One Piece" world. Creator Eiichiro Oda's mandate to feature a female lead made it the perfect time to introduce the Grand Line's pop sensation to fans. What better way to jump into an expansive concert-based storyline than with an upbeat offering that reels in audiences and sets the early tone for the narrative? The song "New Genesis" features a pop beat that is both entrancing and exciting.

With lyrics and music by Yasutaka Nakata, this infectious song is hard to forget after the end credits roll. Fans around the world are showing how much they love the theme; it has charted on top of Apple Music's Global Top 100 charts without the film playing in certain markets (via Crunchyroll).

"New Genesis" also takes its place in "One Piece" theme history. The song's ability to build excitement for the film's story puts it on par with some of the series' most beloved opening songs, including "We Are!" and "Brand New World." The latter sets an excellent example of the franchise's ability to provide fun pop songs for sometimes complex and dramatic narratives.

Upbeat music balances intense emotions and dramatic lyrics

It's easy to look past the lyrics when listening to these upbeat pop selections; they keep audiences singing, yet there's something deeper behind the words. The balance almost acts as a nod to the complicated world created by Oda. His announcement that the iconic manga would be coming to an end makes his involvement in the film an emotional point that only highlights these complex feelings (via Newsweek). As with many of the franchise's most important characters, the tone also gives depth to the mysterious Uta.

"Fleeting Lullaby" turns out to be one of the best beats but also one of the most crucial turning points in the movie. Its lyrics reflect a changing attitude that gives viewers a glimpse into Uta's personal thoughts and perspectives (via Crunchyroll). While everything behind its stark lyrics may be easy to spot on a second listen, there's no denying the music makes it hard to overlook feeling energized.

"Backlight" is another entry that invigorates the senses. This pulsating rock song comes fairly early in the film yet provides a darker contrast to the concert's enthusiastic tone. The collaboration with Vaundy also become one the top songs to come out of "Red," placing third on the weekly streaming charts at one point (via Crunchyroll).

Music videos are giving the songs a new life

For years, music videos were essential to selling a sign or artist; times changed, and the growth of social media saw artists move away from standard videos to sell their products. "One Piece Red: Film" is utilizing what music videos used to be for music fans and gives it an update worthy of current tech trends. It's a part of Oda's drive to introduce the series to a new generation who may just be starting the manga or anime (via Den of Geek).

Known as the Uta Project, this experience lasted from June until August 2022. The project features unique representations from the performers behind the new tracks; special animations accompanying each song gave artists a chance to provide their own take on the "One Piece" franchise (via Anime News Network). Mrs.Green Apple, Vaundy, FAKE TYPE, Yūta Orisaka, Hiroyuki Sawano, and Motohiro Hata all contribute to these fascinating glimpses into how different the Grand Line, as well as its inhabitants, can be through changing perspectives. The last in the series, "Where the Wind Blows," amassed over 11 million views on YouTube after just two months of release.