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The Rookie: Feds Fans Can't Stop Shipping Laura And Brendon

Some people thoroughly enjoy their police procedurals sprinkled with bits of comedy and romance. Sure, finding out who committed a crime and bringing them to justice is always the ultimate goal of these shows, but it is the interpersonal relationships and drama that keep some fans coming back for more and more. One such series is "The Rookie: Feds." The show is actually a spin-off of "The Rookie," with its main character, Special Agent Simone Clark, being played by Niecy Nash-Betts.

Getting its start as a backdoor pilot in "The Rookie," "The Rookie: Feds" officially premiered in late September 2022. Much like "The Rookie," the cast of this particular show is diverse and personable. One of Simone's fellow classmates, Brendon Acres (Kevin Zegers), is assigned to Special Agent Laura Stensen (Britt Robertson), and the two are part of Simone's team. Within the context of the story, Laura is attempting to regain her position within the FBI after taking a leave of absence. At the same time, Brendon just recently graduated from the FBI training academy alongside Simone, but before doing so, Brendon acted on a fictional television show called "Vampire Cop." It seems, though, that after the most recent episode of "The Rookie: Feds," a vocal group of fans would love to see these two characters enter into a romantic relationship.

Some fans are loving how Laura and Brendon's relationship is developing

Considering the close proximity of Brendon Acres and Special Agent Laura Stensen, it makes sense why fans have started to clamor for a relationship between them. As one of the youngest agents in the FBI, Laura definitely has something to prove, while Brendon is also in this same kind of scenario because he wants to move past his acting days and truly make a difference in the world. In other words, Brendon and Laura are on a quest to ultimately prove a point to the world and themselves, which makes them already somewhat kindred spirits.

Over on Twitter, @KariHighman posted several images of Brendon and Laura together and said that they both have the exact same energy. Meanwhile, @dannyandbaez stated, "I ship laura and brenden more and more after each episode." @aly_2094 also shared four different screen grabs from "The Rookie: Feds" and used the word "Brensen" to describe the celebrity-style name for the couple. @halsteadsass feels very strongly about Laura and Brendon and said they are getting butterflies from watching the two interact. They added that they love how the two characters are developing.

@TeamLaurAcres was absolutely head-over-heels for this most recent episode featuring Laura and Brendon, and said, "My heart was in a million pieces after Brendon's scene with his basically deaf and callous victim-playing father. But Laura was there for him, AGAIN! Their connection grows stronger, and I love them more and more." Judging by these comments, it seems like some fans are hoping that "The Rookie: Feds" lets Laura and Brendon's relationship continue to develop because they simply can't get enough of these two together.