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Everything You Missed In The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

After months of radio silence, Solo has finally burst onto the scene. The new Star Wars story is the first of Disney's spinoff films set to explore the life of an original trilogy character — in this case the smuggler Han Solo, played for the first time by Alden Ehrenreich. The first footage from the new adventure, the tenth live-action movie in the series overall, was revealed in a 45-second Super Bowl teaser followed the next day by a minute-and-a-half long Monday trailer — and make sure you watch both, because there's different footage in each. Altogether, these two-odd minutes aren't enough to spoil the movie, but they do give the best idea yet of what to expect when Han, Chewie, Lando and the Falcon all come together for the first time. Read on to get an in-depth look at everything you missed in the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer.

More than a smuggler's wardrobe

Han Solo having more or less the same costume between the original three Star Wars movies and The Force Awakens — crisp white shirt, black coat or vest — made many concerned that we'd be seeing a teen Solo sporting the exact same duds in this pseudo-prequel. We're happy to report that's not the case: in the Solo trailer, the young pilot is instead sporting a wide variety of interstellar fashions, from thick parkas, Imperial-looking white coats, and other diverse fare. It's a small thing, but right out of the gate, this movie seems to understand that it's about character, not costume — and that's encouraging.

I've outrun Imperial starships...

The end of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer provides one of the most striking images from the new Star Wars movies, of a Star Destroyer in a dense nebula dispatching some TIE Fighters in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon. For some reason, despite Lando, Beckett, Qi'Ra, and Chewie being on board, Han's the one in the pilot's seat — so maybe this takes place after the bet that wins Han the ship from Lando. Either way, for a second it almost doesn't look like Han'll get them out alive, with these never-before-seen TIE fighter varieties behind them. While we don't know the names of these new ship models yet, you can see that there's an extra pod to the side of the cockpit, presumably for extra firepower.


While the trailer doesn't identify exactly where in the galaxy this chase is taking place, speculation is already swirling that the pursuit may be set near the cloudy confines of Kessel, which in Star Wars' old Extended Universe was surrounded by a cluster of black holes full of ionizing gases called the Maw

It stands to reason that those opaque gases would be dangerous to navigate and would make any ship passing through it hard to detect — key attributes for, say, a smuggler's route. So while many are speculating that this footage could be hiding a secret glimpse of the infamous Kessel Run, the more immediate thing to notice in this scene is how handily Han takes out one of his pursuers, subtracting one soldier from the Imperial air force by doing a barrel roll and slamming the enemy TIE fighter to death with the Falcon's hull. So much for those souped-up ships, right? Those improved offensive capabilities don't mean much for the fighters if they can still be swatted down like flies. 

The whole move raises nothing but questions, like how tough is the Millennium Falcon's hull, and what sort of paper-thin materials are Imperial engineers working with? If Solo proves anything, it's that the good guys were crashing their ships into the bad guys long before The Last Jedi taught us the Holdo maneuver.


Han's not Force-sensitive, so in a galaxy full of wizards, monsters, and a far-reaching, murder-happy Empire, he's got to keep an eye out for handy environmental hazards to dispatch his foes. In this portion of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, we can see the smuggler right in the middle of killing that guy on the right, who didn't see the pile of junk Han was guiding him into during this chase. Here, Han would appear to be trying to escape an Imperial base of some sort, so he's either in the process of defecting from Imperial service or escaping from prison, with Emilia Clarke's Qi'Ra riding shotgun at his side. From Return of the Jedi's forest speeder sequence to the Death Star trench run, Star Wars is all about chase scenes where the heroes dodge something the enemies don't. Can you hear the Wilhelm scream in your head with this one?

Lando's droid buddy

If you've been combing through the Solo trailer looking for Phoebe Waller-Bridge, one of the movie's other female co-stars, look no further — we've turned up the hidden detail you seek. She plays this charming droid who seems to be the Millennium Falcon's stalwart co-pilot. She doesn't speak in the trailer, and we're not sure yet if she will in the movie at all, beyond the sign language. She seems to be one of the good guys, and even has a nice little synchronized salute with Lando. Lando seems like the kind of guy who'd do a secret handshake with everybody, though.

Qi'Ra dressed to kill

Here we get a good look at Emilia Clarke's Qi'Ra, dressed to kill in a crimson cape, with ruby red lipstick, bright earrings, and what looks like a gun belt. Either way, she looks thoroughly in command here, with the droid we saw palling around with Lando on the Falcon appearing here as a sort of guard. Her command presence makes the nature of her character a bit of a mystery — she has an Imperial air about her, but she's kicking it with the likes of Lando and Han? Maybe she and Lando just trade style tips. Yeah, that's probably it.

A squeaky-clean bird

How many times did you have to watch the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer before you realized this bright clean hallway was the Millennium Falcon? We never knew that piece of junk could look so nice. By the time Luke comes on board the ship in A New Hope, the place looks positively grimy — how do you get so much dirt on the ceiling, Han? 

We knew Solo would show us how the smuggler got a hold of the iconic vessel, which was built on his home planet of Corellia. We didn't necessarily think it'd be straight off the assembly line, though. Now we're left wondering why nobody ever took some Lysol to the walls over the course of its decades of use. Hey, aren't people supposed to live here? Now that we know how nice the ship can look, let's hope somebody gives the Falcon a rinse-down before Episode IX.

This old jalopy

While Han does end up in the pilot's seat by the end of the trailer, the footage still makes clear that the Millennium Falcon was Lando's ship, at least originally. Check out Han hanging back in the right corner, watching as the ship jumps to lightspeed, taking notes while Lando and Waller-Bridge's droid man the controls. We know Lando eventually loses the ship to Han in a bet, but now we're wondering what happens to that droid. Did she not come with the ship? Maybe Han doesn't like her personality.

Han (probably) shoots first

Han Solo goes literal space cowboy in his first adventure, facing down a squad of bad-looking dudes with nothing but a six-shooter at his side. Once again, it looks like his enemy brought a close-ranged weapon to a gunfight, so Young Han Solo might get the opportunity to go all Young Indiana Jones on some unfortunate space raiders. Exactly where this showdown is taking place is still, unfortunately, a very hidden detail, but he's certainly not fighting the Empire here. This encounter is outlaw-on-outlaw.

A scoundrel from days past

It's kind of funny that when Woody Harrelson's casting was announced, no one doubted he'd be playing some sort of outer space scoundrel. He just has that vibe — not a bad guy, but not a "rules and regulations" guy either. The Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer gives audiences their first look at Harrelson's character, Tobias Beckett, a cool uncle of a space pirate who reaches out to Han in the process of putting a team together. What will this team be for? Who knows. We already know the guys who go steal the Death Star plans, so our money's on this job being a little bit more selfish than selfless. Han will apparently cross paths with Beckett after he's left the employ of the Empire, teaming up to learn the tricks of the trade as a smuggler along with Chewbacca.

Thandie Newton confirmed

The new trailer also provides audiences their first look at Westworld's Thandie Newton, playing a gun-toting, no-nonsense spacefarer who neither speaks nor smiles, at least in the teaser footage. She's introduced in a brief clip while Beckett is talking about getting a team together, but we don't get to learn her name just yet. Ron Howard has previously described Solo as a heist movie, and though we don't know yet what's being heisted from whom, we get the feeling that our heroes are gonna get away with it. From the look of Newton's gigantic gun, her character's probably what you'd call "the muscle."

A horrid little monkey

The longer Solo: A Star Wars trailer also features a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance by this little guy, a space monkey of some sort piloting some heavy machinery. Look at his tiny little monkey goggles! And his little monkey mech. It's hard to surmise just how this fella will figure into the story, but considering the dingy environment, it looks like he might be messing around in the Spice Mines of Kessel, doing some dirty work with some sort of monkey-sized machinery. Or, alternatively, this could be Young Snoke. Let's go with that one.

Wanna go for a ride?

Here we see Qi'ra in a decidedly different environment, sitting side-by-side with Han in his space corvette, burning rubber through what appears to be an Imperial base while enemies follow in hot pursuit. While before we saw Qi'ra as a straight-laced, stylish figure of authority, here she looks like an absolute outlaw, the Bonnie to Han's Clyde. Does he romance her out of an Imperial position of authority, perhaps? Or has she always been a scoundrel at heart who wormed her way into the halls of the Empire to get up to some outlaw business? Either way, she's definitely on the run here, but she's got luck on her side — check out Han's gambling dice hiding in plain sight, hanging around where the rearview mirror would be. Never tell that guy the odds, folks. Han Solo's the kind of gambler who makes his own luck.