What Celebrity Holograms Are Featured In Family Guy Season 21's Halloween Episode?

As an animated sitcom currently in its 21st season, "Family Guy" has been airing Halloween episodes for a long time. A few of them have even made it onto the list of the best "Family Guy" episodes ranked, according to IMDb. Each one is different, whether parodying popular horror movies such as "The Poltergeist" or "Paranormal Activity" or featuring original plots depicting spooky creatures or events. On October 30, 2022, "Family Guy" released yet another Halloween episode, titled "Happy Holo-ween," which tackles the concept of self-aware holograms.

In "Happy Holo-ween," Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) attends a Halloween carnival with his family and friends. While there, he steals a machine that can create holograms of people so that he can create one of himself to do his chores and fulfill his familial duties. Unfortunately, the hologram starts developing a mind of its own and does not plan on obeying Peter's commands forever. Before Peter steals the machine, however, we get to see a number of celebrities in hologram form in the carnival's Hallway of Holograms.

A number of celebrity holograms are featured in the episode

The Halloween carnival's Hallway of Holograms displays holograms of various people that are capable of physically interacting with the world around them standing inside tubes in order to showcase the prowess of the owner's hologram machine. As Peter and his friends walk through the attraction, they are impressed with the holograms, leading Peter to decide to make one of himself.

Several celebrities, both dead and alive, appear as holograms, including German pianist Ludwig van Beethoven, quarterback Tom Brady dressed in a New England Patriots uniform, former United States Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in costume as the Terminator. Additionally, inside one of the tubes is what appears to be a hologram of actor Michael Cera, but when the characters talk to him, he says he is actually the real Michael Cera and that he's just kind of translucent.