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The Walking Dead Fans Are Finding The Commonwealth Storyline Incredibly Bland

There are many different types of evil in "The Walking Dead." At first, one might be forgiven for thinking that a ruined world populated by hungry zombies would be bad enough, but that isn't considering how other survivors may have responded to this "new normal." Some survivors may have set up fortified and self-sustaining settlements. In contrast, others may prey on the hapless and engage in activities like cannibalism or don the flesh of zombies to walk among the hordes. Some may even act like tyrants who impose their will on others through violence and intimidation.

Now in the final part of its final season, "The Walking Dead" is lurching towards its ultimate conclusion, though there are spin-offs in the works. Speaking with showrunner Angela Kang, Insider asked if the upcoming ending will be satisfying, and Kang replied, "I'll say I am happy with the ending we have. I really hope it satisfies the fans that have been with us all these years. Everybody worked really hard on it. I think that anything that we do creatively is obviously affected by the circumstances around it because things aren't made in a vacuum." It seems though that some fans are taking issue with the primary baddies of the final season, affectionately referred to as the Commonwealth, and they have converged on a popular online forum to let their thoughts be known about this current story arc.

Fans think the Commonwealth has become one dimensional

As a refresher, the Commonwealth is a collection of varying settlements along the East Coast of the United States that has managed to recapture a modicum of what life was before the zombie apocalypse. This means that things like entertainment, alcohol, stability, and safety can often be found within the borders of the Commonwealth, though this often comes with the price of a lack of freedom, a rigid caste system, and laws that require absolute compliance. Obviously, the main cast of "The Walking Dead" aren't exactly friends with these new antagonists, despite the fact that new variants of zombies have arrived on the scene. The last few episodes have seen a sham trial perpetuated by the Commonwealth, as well as a mysterious location known as Outpost 22 that turns out to be the former Alexandria. The stakes are certainly building to some grand conflict, though some fans are already over it.

Over on Reddit, u/pickles_312 started the conversation by saying, "God they just butchered the entire point of the commonwealth arc so badly. There's no nuance to anything, just 'wow these guys are so evil' over and over again." Others also felt the same, with u/idk_orknow explaining that they much prefer the bureaucracy and corruption inherent in the Commonwealth as to what makes them evil, and not just being one-dimensional villains without any kind of depth. u/86sleepypenguins added, "Seriously, I wasn't a huge fan of the Commonwealth arc in the comics either but the way they've suddenly made them so plainly evil is bizarre and boring." In other words, the final baddies of the final season of "The Walking Dead" don't have much bite in the minds of some.