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Why Ellie Kemper Thinks The Office's Niagara Would Make A Great Interactive Episode

Jim and Pam have become one of those iconic couples over the years to the point where you don't even have to be a fan of "The Office" to know about them. So it makes sense that one of the most beloved episodes of the series is "Niagara," which is a two-part Season 6 story arc that shows the pair's wedding in Niagara Falls, New York. It is the perfect mix of heartfelt and comedic as we watch the whole office gang travel from Scranton, Pennsylvania for the nuptials. Of course, there is a catch: No one can mention that Pam is pregnant to her grandma. 

In 2019, writer-actor Mindy Kaling told Entertainment Weekly, "I remember being assigned the wedding and thinking, 'Wow, this is a doozy.' A lot of episodes will have a funny hook at the beginning, but this one just has a really happy thing." She added, "'The Office' is built on awkward situations, but with the wedding episode, I was like, 'There's nothing inherently funny about two people very much in love getting married.'"

For her part, Ellie Kemper — who played Erin Hannon on the series — also thinks the episode would make a great interactive episode for multiple reasons.

Why Niagara would be perfect for an interactive episode

In a 2020 interview on "Jake's Takes," Ellie Kemper was asked by host Jake Hamilton which episode of "The Office" she believed would make a good interactive episode, and as you may have guessed, she had the perfect answer: Pam and Jim's wedding. 

"I feel there's so much fodder there. It has to be one of the longer episodes," the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star expressed. "... The name of that episode was 'Niagara.' So, there's so many different routes that that show could have taken, that specific story." As a close runner-up, Kemper mentioned the Season 9 episode, "Work Bus," where the office crew memorably take a trip to get some pies. "I don't know how many directions that the bus episode could've taken," she said with a laugh, "but I feel like there was a lot going on in that episode."

Considering what a special episode that was for everyone involved — including, of course, the fans — it would be so interesting to see all of the different choices that could have been made to result in Jim and Pam getting married. One fun fact tied to their wedding that viewers might not know about is that Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly, owns the ring that Jim (John Krasinski) gives her character at the gas station when he proposes during Season 5.