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TV Shows You Shouldn't Watch With Mom

The relationship between a human and their TV is sacred, and often, very private. Given the choice between feeding yourself and keeping your cable service alive, you'll probably find a way to make one packet of ramen last a few days just for one more sweet, sweet episode of The Walking Dead. But television is not always a thing to be shared; you and your TV may endure some very secret, awkward moments that may not be appropriate for mixed company. Here are a few shows you probably don't want to share with your mom, that old prude.


Comedy Central's workplace comedy doesn't spend much time in the actual workplace, or even working. Instead, the trio of delusional, developmentally stunted brosefs generally spend their time chasing their next high or graphically describing what they'd like to do to the new girl in the office. The whole show is a love song to pornography, self-abuse, occasionally eating roadkill, accidentally drugging an entire baby shower, and more unabashed, unashamed love of pornography. Unless you and your mom chat about porn on the reg, don't let the conversation go there.

Game of Thrones

Notorious for total, terrifying nudity and fairly intense sex scenes, these elements of Game of Thrones probably wouldn't be too much for those families who may have watched Sex and the City together—until you reach those very special scenes where family members get it on with one another. Sure, it's all happening in another reality and primitive magic people have their own strange customs, but it's still not something that you want to witness while you're sandwiched on the couch with the lady who birthed you, unless your uncle is also your dad or something.

True Blood

If you're in HBO's territory, you know to flip channels quickly if mom is in the room, lest you accidentally stumble onto an errant bosom and blush yourself to death. True Blood goes above and beyond when it comes to sex scenes, since the whole vampire thing is all about power and control. True Blood's viewers came up with a ranking system for the most bizarre love scenes in the series, many of which are kind of rapey and bloody, so it's time to just leave the room.

Masters of Sex

If you thought, even for a moment, that watching a show about the clinical study of sex and its related devices was going to be an innocent romp through subtlety, you no longer deserve to have a TV in your home or to vote in a national election. Even the most open-minded families would have a hard time sitting through most of these graphic physical scenes, but specific conversations describing exactly what's happening makes it impossible to deny that you're seeing what you're seeing, and it's all very, very personal.

Robot Chicken

There's a time and a place for gross-out humor, and apparently that time is late at night on Adult Swim. Unless your mom is the kind of lady who enjoys rapid-fire jokes about testicles and the whole bathing suit vicinity, just put the thing on mute and save yourself some shame.

The X-Files: Home

As a whole, The X-Files is a totally cool show to watch with your whole weird family; nothing gets too explicit, and nothing is too offensive—until you reach season 4. Home is about a family of weird mountainfolk in Pennsylvania who, spoiler alert, keep their lineage alive by repeatedly breeding with their own mother, who has no arms or legs and is kept under a bed, always pregnant by one of her own sons. It's enough to make you question your whole family structure, but preferably by yourself, far away from the ol' family couch.

Silicon Valley

When the entire season of a show is based on a mathematical algorithm concerning a very private act distributed among many participants, you may want to leave your mom out. Created by Mike Judge of Office Space and King of the Hill fame, Silicon Valley really is a genius show populated by great characters. But no matter how much you love T.J. Miller (and we really, really love him), there are just too many hilariously cringey moments to let yo momma in on the secret.