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Gerard Butler Is Back In The Trailer For Plane

Gerard Butler is one of those actors that has a tendency to stick out in whatever movie he is in. Whether he is kicking foreign envoys into bottomless pits in "300," saving political figures and himself in the "Has Fallen" franchise, or masterminding a series of traps in "Law Abiding Citizen," Butler definitely knows a thing or two about laying down the proverbial law. It does seem like Butler is keeping up with this aspect of his acting in his upcoming movie, "Plane."

Initially announced in 2016, "Plane" suffered from the onset of the pandemic, and the movie was dropped by the company that purchased the rights, Lionsgate. According to Screen Daily in 2020, Lionsgate dropped "Plane" because it was unable to secure insurance for the production of the movie but was later able to repurchase the film. As reported by The Wrap, president of acquisitions and co-productions at Lionsgate Jason Constantine said of reacquiring the rights, "We have always been big believers in this movie as well as huge fans of Gerry and everyone involved, so we could not be more thrilled to be back as the distributor. We're so, so glad that everything worked out in the end, and the movie is back with Lionsgate." Now that the trailer for "Plane" has dropped, we may now know the reason why Lionsgate wanted this movie back.

Gerard Butler is doing what he does best in the trailer for Plane

Starring Gerard Butler as Brodie Torrance and Mike Colter of "Evil" fame as Louis Gaspare, the trailer for "Plane" starts off innocently enough. Appearing as what can only assume is a normal airplane captain, Brodie is apprehensive that his commercial flight is being utilized as a prisoner transport for Louis. However, Brodie knows he has a job to do and simply mentions that he doesn't want the other passengers to be frightened by this turn of events. Unfortunately, the plane beings to experience turbulence and power loss and is forced to land on an island that is currently under the control of Filipino separatists.

The separatists then capture and hold the passengers of the plane hostage, which immediately causes Brodie to go into high gear to rescue them because he feels personally responsible. Realizing that he will need some help, Brodie frees Louis from his handcuffs, and the two immediately go on a killing spree. Brodie questions Louis on his apparent skill and knowledge, which eludes to a mysterious past for the character. The trailer for "Plane" then shows off bombastic action scenes, with Louis and Brodie engaging in combat, explosions, and plenty of yelling. As the trailer reaches its crescendo, Brodie is heard saying that he has a daughter and that he has every intention of making it home. In other words, fans of Butler are certainly about to get another dose of heroics when "Plane" premieres on January 27, 2023.