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Netflix Dreams Of The Future In First Trailer For Mute

Sometimes you don't need words to speak.

Netflix has released the first trailer for the long-awaited sci-fi picture Mute, the upcoming fourth movie from Moon, Source Code, and Warcraft director Duncan Jones. You can check out the first look at the movie up above.

Originally announced shortly after the release of Moon in 2009, Mute follows the hidden inner life of Leo, a bartender in Berlin in the year 2052. Incapable of speech, Leo appears to harbor many secrets, and seems prone to sudden bursts of violence against bar patrons. When his partner mysteriously disappears after becoming entangled in the dark business of the city's gangsters, Leo descends into the city's underworld, searching for his lost love with the help of an offbeat surgeon named Cactus Bill, played by Paul Rudd.

In addition to Rudd and his mustache, Mute stars Alexander Skarsgård as Leo, along with Seyneb Saleh, Nikki Lamborn, Justin Theroux and more. It was written by Jones with Michael Robert Johnson and Damon Peoples.

It has been rumored for years that Mute will take place in the same world as Moon, the stark, unique and quietly disturbing sci-fi story starring Sam Rockwell as a lonely man on the lunar surface working a three-year tour for a mining company. 

With so many years having passed between the two movies, the nature of Mute as a spiritual sequel to Moon may have changed a little. That said, it's still very possible that a version of Rockwell's character may appear in this movie in some background capacity, even if just as a world-building reference for fans of Jones' space-set debut. Should things go as Jones hoped they would years ago, Mute will be the second entry in a trilogy of connected movies.

Mute premieres exclusively on Netflix on February 23. Check out the clever poster for the movie down below.