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James McAvoy, Alicia Vikander Are In Love And In Danger In Submergence Trailer

"What's down there at the deepest part of the sea?" 

James McAvoy's James More asks Alicia Vikander's Danielle Flinders a complicated question in the wrenching first trailer for Submergence, a unique romantic drama from Wim Wenders, the director behind films like Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire

A chance meeting at a secluded hotel retreat sparks a connection between James and Danielle, but the dangerous missions they're about to embark on threaten to keep them apart forever. 

James, a British intelligence agent, is preparing to begin a high-stakes expedition in Somalia. Danielle, a marine bio-mathematician, is gearing up to head to the bottom of the ocean to compile evidence supporting (or denouncing) her many theories about life on Earth. But when James is taken captive and Danielle's ship shows signs of breaking down in the blackest part of the sea, neither know if they'll make it out alive, let alone see each other again.

Lionsgate also released the full synopsis for the film: "Submergence is a love story that takes us into the extremely different worlds of our two protagonists, Danielle Flinders (Alicia Vikander) and James More (James McAvoy). They meet by chance in a remote hotel in Normandy where they both prepare for a dangerous mission. They fall in love almost against their will, but soon recognize in each other the love of their lives. When they have to separate, we find out that James works for the British Secret Service. He's involved in a mission in Somalia to track down a source for suicide bombers infiltrating Europe. Danielle 'Danny' Flinders is a bio-mathematician working on a deep sea diving project to support her theory about the origin of life on our planet. Soon, they are worlds apart. James is taken hostage by Jihadist fighters and has no way of contacting Danny, and she has to go down to the bottom of the ocean in her submersible, not even knowing if James is still alive..."

Adapted for the big screen by Erin Dignam from J.M. Ledgard's coveted 2013 novel, Submergence will hit theaters on April 13 in the U.S. and on May 18 in the U.K.