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The Story Behind Those Drawings At The End Of The Simpsons Season 34, Episode 5

There are many things fans of "The Simpsons" can constantly count on when it comes to the long-running series, one of which revolves around the infamous "Treehouse of Horror" entries the show is notorious for releasing. Season 34 went big and will offer two separate episodes devoted to terror and mayhem, starting with the full-episode storyline, "Not It," displaying a parody of Stephen King's "It."

Out of all the excellent seasons of critically acclaimed animated comedy (via Rotten Tomatoes), so many of the Emmy-winning series' best episodes reference or parody so many great properties, including the works of the Master of Horror himself, Stephen King. Titles such as "Stand By Me" and "The Shining" have been satirized in the series. When deciding how to take the story of It and adapt it into "Simpson" form, the long narrative featured in the book and movies was given a standalone "Treehouse of Horror" special. Usually, the traditional horror-related "Simpsons" entries are comprised of several stories before the credits roll. But "Not It" went all-in with Krusty the Clown's version of Pennywise Krusto (Dan Castellaneta) taking on kid and adult versions of the Loser's Club, centering beloved characters like Marge Simpson (Julie Kavner) and Moe Szyslak (Hank Azaria).

There is no denying the fifth episode of Season 34 itself was a change of pace compared to other "Treehouse of Horror" entries, and fans may have noticed something different about the end credits.

The art featured in the end credits was sent in by fans

In most episodes of "The Simpsons," the credits feature the names of the talented individuals involved in the entry. But when it came to "Not It," the show decided to go in a different direction. Home audiences probably noticed at the 21:14-mark a showcase of creepy works of art featuring some nightmare-inducing imagery of Krusty the Clown and various other characters from the series. While some might have thought these were done by the same people who animate the show, they would be mistaken because fans created these well-crafted displays.

On September 29, 2022, "The Simpsons" Twitter page asked fans to send in their "creepiest, scariest, most creative Krusty the Clown fan art" for an opportunity to have it featured in the end credits of the "Treehouse of Horror" special. They announced the winners in a Tweet on October 4, 2022, showing off the selection and crediting the gifted artists responsible. There was an array of delightfully unsettling pictures of Krusty, from aliens bursting out of his head in space to him running around in a straight jacket covered in blood. The move has resonated well with viewers, with users in a discussion thread on Reddit for the episode praising the artwork. U/cedenike wrote, "the fan art is kicka**," and u/_thatgirlfelicia posted, "Loved the fan art at the end." From the pictures to the reception, there is no denying that Krusty the Clown is an inspiring personality that can be just as hauntingly terrifying as he is hilariously entertaining.