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Will Ferrell Talks Economics On SNL's Weekend Update

Will Ferrell's economics lesson got a little off track on last night's Saturday Night Live. The comedian appeared in a Weekend Update sketch as Jacob Silj, an expert brought on to the show to talk about President Donald Trump's comments at the World Economic Forum, although things quickly go off the rails.

As is quickly revealed, Silj suffers from a disease called Voice Immodulation Syndrome, which makes it impossible to control the volume at which he speaks. "Voice Immodulation Syndrome, or VIS, has been diagnosed in over zero people in the United States alone," he tells a frustrated Colin Jost. "And while there is no cure, laboratory rats with VIS do not exist." 

Jost suggests that Silj try saying some of his comments in his head, instead of out loud. "Jeesh, Jost, did that wig come with the suit?" Silj says, "under his breath." "Good to know you have five dollars." Jost, offended, suggests that they try to get the talk back on track, but Silj continues to call him out for his "insensitivity" towards his disease.

"Colin, my life has been a waking nightmare," he says, before launching into the story of how, after "a childhood of crushing loneliness," he was finally able to find a woman who was able to see past his disease and love the man inside. However, due to a loudly spoken comment at the gym, he wound up cheating on his wife with a male dancer named Troy. Jost admits that that is embarrassing, although any goodwill he had towards Silj ends when he says "my pleasure" at a normal volume to conclude the interview.

SNL enjoyed their highest ratings of the season with Ferrell as host, according to Deadline. The episode, which also featured Ferrell reprising his George W. Bush impression and introducing a deodorant for men targeted by sexual harassment allegations, averaged a 4.9 rating and a 2.3 rating in the key 18 to 49 demo. Chris Stapleton served as the musical guest. These were SNL's highest live ratings since the May 20, 2017 episode, which was hosted by Dwayne Johnson with musical guest Katy Perry.

Saturday Night Live airs on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.