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Leaked Avengers: Infinity War Funko Pop Confirms Film Spoiler

Warning: This post contains a spoiler for Avengers: Infinity War.

You know that Avengers: Infinity War rumor fans have been chatting about? Well, it looks like it's true — at least according to a leaked image of one of the film's accompanying Funko Pop figures, that is. 

A Reddit user by the name of mariobros612 got their hands on a Thor Funko Pop ahead of time, and posted a snap of the figurine onto the site's Marvel Studios thread. But the golden-haired God of Thunder isn't who Infinity War hopefuls are most concerned with; rather, their focus is on Tom Holland's Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and how he'll evolve after Spider-Man: Homecoming saw Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark/Iron Man unveil a brand-new suit made for the teen hero. Many speculated that Avengers: Infinity War would feature Spider-Man decked out in new duds. They were understandably excited to see him do just that in the film's trailer, which included the web-slinging vigilante running around in what appeared to be the Iron Spider costume from the original Marvel comics. 

Still, the question remained: Will Spider-Man wear the Iron Spider suit in Infinity War

The back of the Thor Funko Pop figure packaging has more or less confirmed it. On the box, Spider-Man's name isn't listed as Spider-Man; instead, he's dubbed Iron Spider. Based on the design of the suit he's rocking in the promotional art, it appears that the film version of the suit will include an important feature from the comics costume: the awesome robotic limbs. 

Whether Avengers: Infinity War will refer to Spidey's new outfit as the Iron Spider suit is unclear, though we wouldn't be surprised if Marvel opts for a different moniker. After all, the studio did that with the Hulkbuster in Avengers: Age of Ultron, giving it the cinematic name "Mark XLIV Armor."

Those hoping to scoop up Funko Pops from the new Avengers: Infinity War range can look forward to adding Iron Man, Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor, teen Groot, a bearded Captain America, and Thanos to their collection. They can also get their hands on Thor with his special ax weapon known as Jarnbjorn (since his famous hammer Mjolnir was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok), and three members of Thanos' Black Order — Covus Glaive, Ebony Maw, and Proxima Midnight. 

It won't be long before we see Spidey in his spiffy new suit, as Avengers: Infinity War is due out on May 4.