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Sneaky Pete Reveals Return Date In Season 2 Trailer

He thought he was pulling himself out of trouble — instead, he's dragging everyone else down with him.

Amazon has released the first trailer for the second season of its hit drama series Sneaky Pete, raising the stakes for its con man protagonist by bringing on a new danger to threaten both his cozy status quo and the lives of everyone around him.

The first season of Sneaky Pete introduced Giovanni Ribisi as Marius, a formerly-jailed criminal who takes on the identity of his cellmate, Pete, in a bid to hide from a gangster he once fleeced after he's back in the free world. Using his skills of charm and deception — as well as a convenient physical likeness — Marius insinuates his way into Pete's estranged family. 

The trailer for the second season shows Marius just on the verge of a new start before two criminals from Pete's past show up to threaten to do him in, putting the con man into an impossible dilemma. Unless he coughs up the millions of dollars that Pete's mom stole from them in the past, the criminals are going to kill Pete's family. Now, Marius will have to find Pete's mother, continue the ruse of being Pete, keep himself alive, keep Pete's family alive, and — if things go perfectly — escape with all the money. It's all very high-stakes and dangerous. This is why you gotta tell the truth, kids.

Sneaky Pete was created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore, and received fantastic reviews for its debut episodes, which were released all at once by Amazon on January 13, 2017. The series' first season sits at a solid 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, with 29 reviews counted toward that score, so it's clearly something worth checking out if you haven't already. 

In addition to Ribisi in the lead role of Marius/Pete, Sneaky Pete also features the talents of Margo Martindale, Shane McRae, Marin Ireland, Libe Barer, and Peter Gerety.

The second, ten-episode season of Sneaky Pete will arrive on Amazon on March 9. Check out the trailer up above.