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The Winchesters' Drake Rodger Admits He Hasn't Seen All Of Supernatural

When "Supernatural" aired its pilot in the fall of 2005, it would have been hard to believe that the series could last for over 300 episodes. The show is a paranormal epic on the scale of "The X-Files," but establishes its roots in the foundation of the strong bond between demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). Across 15 seasons, we watched as the Winchesters fought back the forces of darkness, and were rewarded with thrilling creatures, ghosts, and heavy doses of laughter and romance along the way. The program was also a vast and sprawling road adventure, as the brothers traveled across the country in search of all things otherworldly.

Although technically a prequel, it may be beneficial to watch some "Supernatural" episodes before "The Winchesters" just to become familiar with the story. This may also be a good idea since there are flash-forwards in the new series that connect Dean, who narrates the show, to past experiences his parents had to his future working relationship with Sam (per Cosmopolitan). For those new to the series or wanting to revisit it, this would certainly be an epic binge to get through, and even Drake Rodger — who plays Sam and Dean's dad, John Winchester, in the prequel — admits he hasn't seen all of "Supernatural."

Drake Rodger has some gaps in his Supernatural viewing history

In "The Winchesters," Drake Rodger is bringing young John Winchester to life. In an interview with Variety, Rodger was asked if he watched the original series before getting the part, and he replied, "I started 'Supernatural' around Seasons 5, 6 and 7. I had binged everything. And I've watched it all but the last two seasons — I do know how it ends." The actor went on to say that he actually got Jensen Ackles' blessing to skip a few episodes. "But when we booked the show, one of the things Jensen said was, do not feel like you need to watch 300 hours of 'Supernatural,'" Rodger explained. "But it's good! I forgot, and rewatching it, you see how good it is."

The actor is not alone in trying to catch up with the massive length of the show. On the show's subreddit page, fans are faced with similar struggles. Redditor u/williamheroe asked, "Is there a way to watch the series without watching every season?" While there are numerous standout episodes throughout its 15 seasons, u/Davidcottontail made a valid point by replying, "Whats the point of skipping episodes. Just take your time. You dont have to binge all 15 seasons in a month." Although the program heavily prioritizes an investigation of the week format, there are some serialized story arcs, which u/zerocooltx pointed out by stating, "It's not an anime with filler arcs friend. It's a pretty continuous story other than the monster of the week episodes."