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No Time To Die Almost Had An Ed Sheeran Penned Theme Song

There are lots of elements to crafting a quintessential "James Bond" movie. Obviously, fans know what a lot of these elements include: a convoluted plot involving a distinct villain to serve as the perfect opposite of the hero James Bond, impeccably constructed action sequences, and far-fetched gadgetry (most of the time). However, there's another piece of the puzzle that comes with constructing a "007" film, and that's a memorable theme song.

For "No Time to Die," the latest film in the franchise and the last to star Daniel Craig in the role of Bond, the film brought in pop singer sensation Billie Eilish to perform the theme song of the same name. The song went on to win the Oscar for Best Song (per Deadline) at the 94th Academy Awards. Still, there was actually another point in time when Eilish wasn't the obvious choice for an original theme song for the film. In fact, that particular honor almost went to vocalist Ed Sheeran instead.

Ed Sheeran had already written some of his No Time to Die theme song

During a recent interview with "That Peter Crouch Podcast," Ed Sheeran revealed that he was almost the one to craft a theme song for "No Time to Die." In fact, he revealed that he had already written some of it, but things changed when the film switched gears midway through production. Sheeran admitted that he was disappointed by this development but didn't rule out trying again for a future "James Bond" film.

"I was within a f***ing gnat's pube of doing [a Bond theme song], and they changed directors, and then they just changed scripts, and that was it. We'd done all the meetings; I started writing it," Sheeran said. "I'm not gonna pretend it didn't hurt not doing it. But if they came back, I'd be like, 'Yeah, yeah, of course, yeah!'"

So while Sheeran's time with "No Time to Die" didn't exactly work out, he sounds more than eager to eventually write and perform a theme song for a "James Bond" movie. The next film in the series wouldn't be a bad time to try again by any means since it'll be something of a fresh start once again for the series. Daniel Craig's time as Bond has come to an end, and while producers say they haven't started the search for the next actor yet (per Entertainment Weekly), that time will eventually come. Either way, fans almost got an entirely different song than the Oscar-winning Billie Eilish track.