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August Snow Cast, Plot And More Details

Detroit has long been the subject of many crime stories that have become considered classics. "Mr. Paradise" writer Elmore Leonard may be the most iconic Detroit writer, while Lauren Beukes told a unique and horrific story in "Broken Monsters" set in the city. A town rich with history and culture, there's no doubt why Detroit is featured in so many immersive stories of crime. And one of the best novels about The D hails from author Stephen Mack Jones. A Michigan native himself, Jones' crime series "August Snow" follows the titular character who uncovers corruption in Motor City — particularly in the police department.

"August finds himself in some sort of nether land," Jones told Dwyer Murphy of CrimeReads. "Somewhere between loving the law — seeing its great potential — and knowing the law doesn't necessarily equate with justice." In this recent culture of demanding accountability from law enforcement, "August Snow" is the antidote to pro-police shows such as "Law & Order." Sure enough, Jones' eponymous character isn't just the subject of books, but he'll be hitting the small screen as well.

When will August Snow be released?

For those looking forward to seeing a live-action adaptation of Stephen Mack Jones' character come to life, there may be a disappointing wait in store. Deadline first announced the casting of "August Snow" in January 2021 (more on that below). Since then, updates on the upcoming series have been few and far between. The last real piece of news we heard came in June 2023, when producer Paul Eckstein passed away. Best known for his work on titles like "Godfather of Harlem," the late Eckstein served as a producer on "August Snow" before his death, and in The Hollywood Reporter's obituary for Eckstein, the trade described the show as being "now in development." Past that, we have very little recent info on the mystery series' status. Fingers crossed we learn more soon.

Who is starring in August Snow?

Still in the early stages of production, casting news for "August Snow" has been sparse, except for one significant role. Jordan Peele collaborator Keegan-Michael Key has been cast in the show's titular role. Since "Key & Peele" concluded, Key has demonstrated his prowess with comedy and drama alike. But his connection to Detroit is undoubtedly one of the qualities that made him the best choice for the role. Like the main character, Key is from the Detroit area and has an unwavering love for the city. In fact, the "Schmigadoon!" actor has noted how much his past influences his chosen projects.

"I'm a person who likes to draw from their own experiences as a human when I'm building characters or when I'm looking at a piece of subject matter for something that I might want to work on or produce," Key told HuffPost. Misconceptions about the city are something that the actor hopes to dispel, going on to celebrate many of Detroit's shining achievements. "People don't understand when they come to Detroit, it's not that we were a music town. We are a music town. We are an art town. We boast one of the greatest art institutes on planet Earth." Though there's no news on who else will fill out the cast just yet, Key's participation is a strong start.

What is the plot of August Snow?

By all accounts, the upcoming television series "August Snow" seems to be adhering to the spirit of Stephen Mack Jones' source material. Set to premiere on ABC, Deadline reported that the title character will be investigating corruption by his former employers. After being dismissed as a detective from the Detroit Police Department, August Snow wins a wrongful termination lawsuit only to come back and help the city in the only way that he knows how. Snow focuses his efforts on private investigation, as well as investing time and money to help resuscitate the city.

As a native of Detroit's Mexicantown neighborhood, Snow's love of Detroit appears to be just as important in the series as it was in the books. Snow returns both to fight an oppressive system and because he truly loves his hometown. Additional details are being kept firmly under wraps, but first impressions of the plot synopsis seem to indicate the show will be respectful of its source material.