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Moviegoers Will Visit Silent Hill Again With A New Movie Featuring Fresh Monsters

The "Silent Hill" franchise has been terrifying gamers and filmgoers alike ever since the first video game was released in 1999. Due to its popularity, a movie based on the game was released in 2006 which followed the same basic story as its source material. The titular haunted town added a bit more exposition to the original story by introducing new and secondary characters to expand the narrative to fit a film format. But despite the need for director Christophe Gans to make the movie come alive, he did keep many of the video game's monsters, including the main antagonist "Pyramid Head." With the announcement of a remake of the 2001 game "Silent Hill 2," returning to the alternate dimension from hell on the big screen also seems to be on the horizon.

IGN has confirmed that a film sequel to 2006's "Silent Hill" is officially in the works. The original movie did have a sequel with 2012's "Silent Hill: Revelation," but that film lost much of the focus of what made the first such a semi-faithful adaptation of the original game by immediately skipping the sequel and pulling inspiration from "Silent Hill 3" (per Games Beat). Moviegoers will now get to visit "Silent Hill" again with attention paid to the game's sequel first and foremost. 

The sequel will be based on the video game Silent Hill 2

The sequel film is tentatively titled "Return to Silent Hill," and numerous details were revealed about the film in a "Silent Hill" Transmission video by Konami on the official "Silent Hill" YouTube channel. Director Christophe Gans was part of the transmission and spoke about his inspiration for making the new movie. He revealed, "This return is my return to a world, a universe, that I touched upon in 2006, 15 years ago. The film was a great success and we decided to go back to the best of these stories. I mean 'Silent Hill 2.'"

Gans then went on to describe the plot of the sequel film, which mirrors that of the video game sequel. The director added, "The film tells the story of a young guy coming back to Silent Hill, where he has known great love, and what he's going to find is a pure nightmare." This fits the news that the new "Silent Hill" movie will return to the saga of the games, which will be corrected by the omission of an adaptation of the game sequel from "Silent Hill: Revelation." But perhaps the most exciting news about the follow-up is the monsters that will feature in it. 

The Silent Hill sequel will feature updated monsters

In Konami's "Silent Hill" Transmission video, Christophe Gans added further details of what tone the upcoming movie will take on. The director stated, "So it [the sequel] is much more about psychological horror, even if we are going to find again all the same creatures and the same terror sequences. But the first big interrogation and the first big terror is about ourselves. Are we mad? Are we sane to go back to Silent Hill to find this great love?" This aligns with the most intense aspects of psychological terror in "Silent Hill 2" which helped make it one of the creepiest horror games of the last decade.

Gans' creative partner on the film, Victor Hadida, didn't leave out what is in store for the franchise's monsters. He stated, "The monsters are also one of the key elements that the fans are waiting for, and we are updating those in a way that the creation is similar, but they will be striking." Gans followed Hadida's remarks by revealing, "For me, one of my major goals in this film is how to redesign the classic monster in 'Silent Hill.' I was talking about the Red Pyramid Thing [Pyramid Head], you know, the guy with the helmet, he's back again in this one." He then added how fans appreciated the creatures in the original film, but it was important for him to work with Konami to redesign Pyramid Head and other creatures.