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Get Out Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment

Today brought two big achievements to Get Out: four Oscar nominations and a video from the folks at Honest Trailers.

In the clip (above), we get another look at the breakout hit from Jordan Peele, and this installment of Honest Trailers is far more complimentary than it is scathing. "Catch the film that proved once again that diversity, quality, and making buttloads of money aren't mutually exclusive," as the narrator says.

The video spotlights Chris, played by Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya, who is a "master of deflecting awkward conversations," and Rod (Lil Rey Howery), "one of the best movie friends of all time." But it also points out how Peele turns every table upside-down for white viewers. "Enjoy deliciously cruel casting that makes villains out of white people's favorite white people, turning indie darlings, West Wing alum, and Girls girls into broad caricatures of society's worst impressions of them," says the narrator. "And if that makes you upset, now you have some inkling of how black people feel when they watch almost every other horror movie."

There are also some interesting details you might have missed the first time around. The video notes that "the old people drive black cars to symbolize how they're also driving black bodies and their victims are always wearing hats or wigs to cover up the scars from their surgery."

Check out the video above, then take a look at all the Oscars the movie is up for at the Academy Awards in March.