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Blue Bloods Fans Are Less Than Impressed By Eddie So Far In Season 13

Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray) has long been a fixture on "Blue Bloods." Although not originally a member of the Reagan family of police officers, her feelings for Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) eventually sees the two get married. Before tying the proverbial knot, Jamie and Eddie worried about the old police superstition that married police officers should never work together. However, the couple still received a blessing from Jamie's father and Reagan family patriarch, Frank (Tom Selleck). However, now that Season 13 of "Blue Bloods" has premiered, fans have gotten a chance to see Jamie and Eddie's relationship continue, and there is definitely some growing pain involved.

In an interview with Nerds of Color, the interviewer told Ray that the world needs more intelligent and strong female characters on television, and the actor replied, "We need them, come on! I'm glad that people are responding to it and liking it, cause it's just real life. I mean, when you're with your sisters or with your closest girlfriends, if you can't show that heat, you're hiding." Unfortunately, it seems like some fans have taken issue with Eddie in these early episodes of Season 13, but why?

Fans don't like Eddie's attitude toward superiors

The second episode of Season 13, titled "First Blush," sees many events that upset the Reagan family dynamic. These include Frank not endorsing a candidate for Manhattan District Attorney, a philandering author, and Jamie's transfer to another precinct. This last story sees Eddie lash out at being removed from Jamie's work life, and this aspect has fans seeing red. u/xforce4life started the conversation on Reddit by asking if the showrunners are trying to get us to hate Eddie and added that the first two episodes of Season 13 have made it really easy.

u/VLC31 agreed with this statement and said that Eddie has always rubbed them the wrong way, even before these episodes. u/MattCW1701 expressed their displeasure about Eddie by saying, "Her attitude toward the captain definitely leaves a lot to be desired. In my opinion, she's been outright insubordinate the past two episodes." This comment caused u/MAJOR_KONG to reply, "Overly familiar for sure. Not rising to the level of insubordination but definitely unprofessional." u/BobbyBro88 was also getting sick of Eddie's current behavior and clarified their feelings by saying that Eddie is getting to the point where they can no longer stand her. In other words, it seems like "Blue Bloods" fans aren't exactly keen on Eddie's current attitude and personality. They hope she displays a bit more professional restraint in future episodes.