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The Real Title Of The Third Cloverfield Movie May Have Been Discovered

The third movie in the Cloverfield series is about to blink into existence, and thanks to dedicated internet sleuthing, we might finally know the real name of the secretive project. 

The Cloverfield series, known as much for its opaque promotional tactics as its overarching alien monster plot, revealed itself to be a franchise in disguise in 2016 with the surprise release of sequel/sidestory 10 Cloverfield Lane. Since then, it's gotten considerably more difficult to produce the next one in total secrecy, with the working title and loose concept of the third installment having been an open secret for about a year now. 

Reportedly, the movie will center on the crew of a experimental space station which suddenly enters an alternate reality, forced to struggle for survival after the Earth beneath them appears to be blinked out of existence. Up until now, the movie has been known under the working title of God Particle—which is a pretty hooky title, honestly, especially compared to what the movie's real title appears to be.

After viral promotion for the movie kicked off with a mysterious website centered around an alternate reality game, the Reddit hive mind over at r/Cloververse (hey, that's also a nice title!) went to work on puzzling out what the real name of the movie may end up being. After poring through filmmaker LinkedIn pages and registered domain names, people started to find several references to something called Cloverfield Station, with domain names having been registered for both cloverfieldstation.com and cloverfieldstationmovie.com. There are also Facebook and Instagram pages registered to the name, both of which link to cloverfieldstationmovie.com, with the Facebook page indicating it was first set up in June 2017. After the discovery, reportedly, the Facebook page's About section was updated to include information about what appears to be the movie's cast and crew.

And that's what we've got. Nothing has been made official yet, but as things stand, it's all very plausible, tracking very nicely with what we already knew about the project. It's all circumstantial evidence—but for circumstantial evidence, it's pretty good stuff.

After multiple delays, the next movie in the Cloververse is set to be released on April 20, directed by Julius Onah with a screenplay by Doug Jung and Oren Uziel. Regardless of what the movie's final name ends up being, it is set to star Daniel Brühl, Elizabeth Debicki, Aksel Hennie, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Chris O'Dowd, John Ortiz, David Oyelowo, and Zhang Ziyi.