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SNL Questions What Even Matters Anymore In Game Show Parody

Jessica Chastain is a very morbid game show host in "What Even Matters Anymore," a parody sketch from her Jan. 20 Saturday Night Live episode.

In the sketch, Chastain plays Veronica Elders, the host of "What Even Matters Anymore," where she tells you something President Donald Trump did or said and the contestants tell her if it even matters anymore. As the contestants can't seem to learn, this show determines that most of Trump's statements and actions don't matter.

"I'm sorry, is this still part of the game?" Kenan Thompson's contestant Bernard asks, confused, as things start to go off the rails. "It doesn't even matter anymore," replies a frustrated Elders. As she gets more and more uppity, Elders eventually asks the contestants to write down what they think would matter as the final round. "And while you're writing, I'm just gonna drink," she says, before chugging a bottle of wine.

The sketch ends with the contestants turning on Elders, switching to calling her Jessica and telling her that she can't build an entire fake game show just to lament the direction the country is going in. "You can't just build a whole game show set and make us pretend to be contestants," Cecily Strong says. "Well thanks for watching," Chastain concludes. "As always, the host of tonight's show gets a hug, because she really needs it."

Chastain was on the show promoting her Golden Globe-nominated role in Aaron Sorkin's Molly's Game, which is in theaters now.