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Who Does Seth MacFarlane's Sister Voice In Family Guy?

At this point, "Family Guy" isn't too far off from "Simpsons" territory when it comes to longevity and pop culture relevance. Though it has been removed from television before, "Family Guy" has been around in some form or fashion since 1999, and in the years since, its gags, stories, and characters have reached a special level of mainstream fame. The same goes for the man behind it all, Seth MacFarlane, who has used the incredible success of "Family Guy" to launch several other TV shows and movies while building up his voice acting résumé.

In addition to being a talented creator, MacFarlane excels in front of the microphone. On "Family Guy" alone, he voices Peter, Stewie, and Brian Griffin, in addition to several other supporting and one-off characters. Sure, his approach to some of these roles may sound familiar — Dr. Elmer Hartman and Carter Pewterschmidt come to mind — but that doesn't diminish his skill by any means. Speaking of skill, it turns out he's not the only member of the MacFarlane clan who's capable of turning in solid voice-acting performances, especially on "Family Guy."

Seth MacFarlane's sister, Rachael MacFarlane, has lent her voice talents to "Family Guy" a time or two. Here's who she's played on the animated hit.

Rachael MacFarlane has several Family Guy credits to her name

Rachael MacFarlane's "Family Guy" tenure dates back to the very start of the program, where she voiced Meg Griffin in the pilot. Once Mila Kunis took over that role, MacFarlane used her voice acting abilities for a wide array of minor characters. From real-world celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Madonna, and Emma Stone to fictional folks such as Miss Tammy, Mrs. Friendston, and Vivian, MacFarlane became a semi-regular part of "Family Guy," even if she didn't generally get more than a line or two. At the time of publication, she's still going strong as a guest star on her brother's program.

Even though she's accumulated a massive body of voice acting work on "Family Guy," Rachael MacFarlane's best-known voice role stems from another Seth MacFarlane creation: "American Dad!" Since the show premiered in 2005, she's provided the voice of Hayley Smith — a role few people recognize her for, and surprisingly, she's just fine with that. "They don't know who I am. Are you kidding me? That's the nice thing about voiceover," she said in a July 2012 interview with Collider. Nevertheless, she still loves the job, hence why she's stuck with it over the past 12 years.

At this point, it's easy to spot a Seth MacFarlane character on "Family Guy," but if you really want to challenge yourself next time you watch, see if you can pick out Rachael MacFarlane. You'll be amazed at just how often her voice pops up on the show.