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Bob's Burgers Fans Can't Wait To See Linda In The Simpsons' Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII

"The Simpsons" is known to be the longest-running animated series in TV history, having just entered Season 34. Throughout its over 700-episode run, "The Simpsons" developed its own traditions, one of them being Halloween specials, better known as "Treehouse of Horror." 

"The Simpsons" began "Treehouse of Horror" in Season 2, which aired in October 1990. Since then, creator Matt Groening has included a Halloween-themed episode in each subsequent season, totaling the episode count to 34. Each "Treehouse of Horror" episode is (for the most part) split into three segments, parodying popular movies, books, or other shows. The first "Treehouse of Horror" parodied "Poltergeist," "The Amityville Horror," "The Twilight Zone," and Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." Other parodies seen throughout the years include classic horror movies like "A Nightmare on Elm Street," massive franchises like "Harry Potter," and Hollywood blockbusters like "Avatar." 

Each "Treehouse of Horror" episode is a self-contained adventure for The Simpsons family outside the show's main canon. With many fourth wall breaks and the inclusion of aliens Kang and Kodos in every episode, "The Simpsons" has created its own traditions within "Treehouse of Horror." 

This year's "Treehouse of Horror XXXIII" marks a new milestone for "The Simpsons," featuring a crossover from another popular animated series, "Bob's Burgers." Everyone's favorite mom, Linda Belcher, will make her "Simpsons" debut this year, and fans can't contain their excitement.

Linda Belcher crossing over to The Simpsons is a recipe for success

Thanks to a tweet from Linda Belcher's voice actor, John Roberts, we now know that the fan-favorite character is making the jump over to "The Simpsons" for "Treehouse Horror XXXIII." The episode will parody the anime "Death Note," the HBO hit series "Westworld," and the horror movie "The Babadook," with segments titled "Lisanime," "Simsonsworld," and "The Pookadook," respectively (via CBR). It's unclear which part will feature Linda or if any other Belcher family members will make an appearance.

Roberts' tweet was more than enough to send the "Bob's Burgers" community into a frenzy, with many fans replying with GIFs of Linda that echoed their excitement. Baker_17 replied with a picture of Linda, saying, "They picked the best character." BelfastFace said, "Amazing. Linda Belcher should be in EVERYTHING!!!!" While many other "Bob's Burgers" fans used the replies to state that their favorite show is better than "The Simpsons," Markrocks6 had a more light-hearted response, saying, "Bob's been pushing way above his weight with her. That classy lady is going to give the Simpsons a big dose of wow."

Fans of both popular animated series have been waiting for a crossover between the two for quite some time. While "Treehouse Horror XXXIII" will mark the first true crossover between the shows, "The Simpsons" has previously included a quick cameo of the entire Belcher family. The title sequence of Season 30, Episode 3, titled "My Way or the Highway to Heaven," saw Homer Simpson crash into the "Bob's Burger" restaurant. After viewing the show's title sequence from the interior, the family stares bewildered as Homer freaks out inside.

"Treehouse Horror XXXIII" will air on October 30.