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These Were The Best Deleted Scenes Of 2017

2017 was a great year for film, loaded with exciting blockbusters and thought-provoking indies. And while audiences saw no shortage of great moments on the big screen, some quality scenes wound up on the cutting room floor. Here are the best deleted scenes that you probably missed in 2017.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Star-Lord learns how to work a Zune

Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) may have saved the galaxy (twice), but that doesn't translate into an easy understanding of Earth's primitive technology. This is clear in a deleted scene from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which features the hero trying to figure out how to work the Zune he received at the end of the film, with a little help—and a few music recommendations—from Sean Gunn's Kraglin along the way.    

The clip's humor is mostly thanks to Kraglin, whose musical tastes are just as bizarre as one would expect. Kraglin recommends that Peter listen to Traffic, who made "some good songs," as well as Thin Lizzy, "a group that I like a lot." "There's a lady on there named Alice Cooper that I like a lot, she seems kinda angry," he adds. Although it makes sense that the slow scene would be cut from the action-heavy outing, this funny character moment is still a must-see. 

Beauty and the Beast - introducing Monsieur Toilette

One of the most bizarre plot points in Disney's Beauty and the Beast has to do with the castle staff, who all happen to have names that perfectly translate to a specific furniture item when the house is cursed. A deleted scene from the recent live-action remake of the film reveals what happened to one of the castle's less fortunate staff, the unfortunately named Monsieur Toilette.

Monsieur Toilette, voiced by Stephen Merchant, meets Josh Gad's LeFou after he escapes to hide in a bathroom during the melee as the villagers attack the castle. LeFou quickly runs away upon hearing the toilet's gurgling voice, as can be seen in the clip above, although the two have another run-in later during a scene in the movie's DVD release.

In that scene, LeFou is walking around the palace after the curse has been broken and everyone has returned to normal. He walks up to a dirty, disheveled man and immediately notices a very pungent smell—something which quickly makes him realize that this is the same Monsieur Toilette he encountered earlier. "So, what are you gonna do now?" LeFou asks him. "Brush my teeth," Toilette responds. Disgusting, but also very funny—especially for fans of toilet humor.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Miles Morales mention

Spider-Man: Homecoming brought in fresh face Tom Holland as Peter Parker, and although he was outstanding in the role, some fans were hoping to see someone else under the web-slinger's mask—namely, fan favorite comic book character Miles Morales, an Afro-Latino teenager who became the Spider-Man of Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe after Peter Parker's death. 

Although Miles has yet to make his way to live action, Homecoming acknowledged the character by featuring his uncle Aaron Davis, played by Donald Glover. In the theatrical cut, the closest Aaron comes to acknowledging Miles is saying he has "a nephew in this neighborhood," but in a deleted scene, he actually calls him by name. 

The scene features Aaron still struggling to get his hand released from the webbing Peter used on him. Unable to release himself or find anyone to help, Aaron eventually gives in and calls his nephew, telling him, "Yeah, sorry, Miles, I'm not gonna make it." Although it's just a small reference, it was more than enough to send comic book fans into a tizzy. 

It - Georgie escapes from Pennywise

The terrifying beginning of It is probably burned into the mind of anyone who's seen it, but a hilarious deleted scene completely flips the creepy intro on its head. The sequence features Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) once again reaching into the sewer to get his boat back from Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård)— only this time, he doesn't get pulled in himself. 

Instead of getting his arm severed, here Georgie grabs the boat and walks away, enthusiastically telling the creepy clown "see you later" as he heads off. Pennywise, left alone in the gutter, utters a distressed expletive. It's easy to see why this joke didn't make the final cut—but that doesn't make it any less fun.

The Big Sick - Ray Romano jokes about hippos

The Big Sick was full of heartwarming moments and hilarious jokes—and as the movie's gag reel makes clear, there were plenty of other funny moments that didn't make the final cut. Among a number of wonderful moments, including Kumail's father (Anupam Kher) trying to teach him stand-up and Kumail telling bad jokes by the hospital bed of the comatose Emily (Zoe Kazan), one scene in particular stands out. 

This deleted scene features an ill-advised attempt at humor from Emily's father Terry, played by the very funny Ray Romano. Romano's fumbling humor makes his character's long, very bad joke about two hippos who realize it's Thursday seem charming. There were still a lot of laughs in the film, but it's sad to see that there wasn't enough room for so many great moments.

Thor: Ragnarok - Hulk beats up Loki

Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) punching Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was one of the most memorable moments from The Avengers, and Thor: Ragnarok almost included a callback to the scene, swapping out Thor for his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Director Taika Waititi talked about the idea in an interview with Empire, revealing that it would have happened when the heroes landed on the Bifrost Bridge in Asgard. 

Waititi described the moment as a "crowd favorite" but said that it ultimately had to be cut for time. There were still plenty of other hilarious moments in Thor: Ragnarok, but an Avengers callback that would also cut Loki down to size would definitely have been a fun addition. Fingers crossed that it winds up on the DVD.

Get Out - Rose's villainy is thrown into question

Rose (Allison Williams) is clearly a villain in Get Out, although one deleted scene may make you question just how she came to be so evil. Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is talking to her about being hypnotized by Missy (Catherine Keener), and when he starts to describe the Sunken Place, Rose drops a bomb—she's had a similar experience too.

Rose says her mom hypnotized her in high school to help her get over stage fright, and although it gave her the "craziest nightmares," it ultimately worked for her. Although she easily could have been lying to keep Chris calm, it's also possible that Rose was hypnotized into cooperating with her family's plan.

It's easy to see why the scene was cut—it throws into question whether Rose truly supported her parents' plan, encouraging viewers to feel sympathy for her and ultimately distracting from the movie's message. Still, it's interesting to consider the twist the scene could have added if it had stuck around.  

The Breakfast Club - Claire and Allison have an awkward bathroom talk

It's been more than 30 years since The Breakfast Club hit theaters, but fans of the OG group of teenage misfits were treated to a deleted scene from the film in 2017 thanks to its Criterion Collection deluxe reissue. 

The sequence features Claire (Molly Ringwald) and Allison (Ally Sheedy) chatting in the bathroom, and kicks off with Claire questioning why Allison would bother washing her hands if she's okay with eating just a few feet away from a working toilet. Allison, ever the conversationalist, stays silent, ultimately choosing to respond by dropping a potato chip in the sink and then picking it up and eating it. Although the scene doesn't amount to much, it's a welcome and fun interaction between two classic characters.

Logan - Caliban's fate revealed

There were many, many deaths in Logan, but some characters went to the grave offscreen—including Stephen Merchant's Caliban, a mutant who quickly endeared himself to fans only to suffer the indignity of an unseen exit. A deleted scene, however, shows his emotional demise, including his farewell to Logan (Hugh Jackman) and X-23 (Dafne Keen). 

Director James Mangold said on the movie's DVD commentary that he had to delete the scene because it called into question why Logan didn't take Caliban's body alongside Professor Xavier's (Patrick Stewart), admitting, "At the same time, I felt bad for cutting it because I also felt like it gave Stephen's character a kind of farewell." Although the movie was plenty bleak without an additional death scene, it's still important to provide closure to such an important character.

War for the Planet of the Apes - a favorite character remembered

Each of the films in the Planet of the Apes trilogy introduced a new set of humans for Caesar (Andy Serkis) to fight or befriend, and while that helped to keep each film fresh, it also meant some of the characters' fates were lost. A deleted scene from War for the Planet of the Apes reveals what happened to one of the most important—Jason Clarke's Malcolm from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

The deleted scene features a pre-special effects Caesar speaking with Woody Harrelson's villainous Colonel, who reveals that he previously came across Malcolm. "He said you were remarkable," the Colonel tells a caged Caesar. "More than just some animal. You were a great leader. I thought he was crazy."

The Colonel reveals that Malcolm pleaded with him to find Caesar and make peace, but he declined the invitation, instead killing him. While it's definitely sad to hear that the character met such a grim fate, it's still satisfying to have the question of a core character's fate answered.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Jack teaches Henry a lesson

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales might not have reached the seafaring heights of the franchise's previous entries, but the movie still added another fun adventure to the saga of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp). His freewheeling persona was at odds throughout the movie with Will Turner's (Orlando Bloom) son Henry (Brenton Thwaites), who kept trying to keep the pirate on track.

This is extra apparent in a funny deleted scene featuring Jack trying to teach Henry the art of sword fighting—and murder. The clip begins with Henry threatening Jack with his sword, trying to convince him to help break Will's curse. However, Jack says he isn't doing it right, and helps reposition him—before demanding to be run through.

"Your first murder," he says. "Happy to be a part of it. Just don't mind all the blood and the bulging eyeballs and such." Of course, this being Jack Sparrow, he has no intention of actually letting Henry kill him, and he pulls a gun on the unsuspecting teen. Luckily for audiences, both got the chance to live another day on the high seas.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The fish-nuns throw a party

Porgs may have gotten all the hype leading up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but they weren't the only Ahch-To residents who stole the show when the movie arrived in theaters. The island's prickly caretakers, affectionately called the fish-nuns, won over fans with their fed-up reactions to Rey's (Daisy Ridley) fumbling around. 

As it turns out, The Last Jedi reportedly almost included a scene that would have made people see the finicky characters in a very different light. Rumor has it the scene featured Rey (Daisy Ridley) running across the island to stop what she believed to be a raiding party, only to discover that it's an actual party—complete with glow sticks—held by the caretakers.

Also present at the party are Chewbacca and a group of porgs. Even with so many fan favorites all in one place, writer/director Rian Johnson reportedly decided to cut the scene because it put Luke in an unfavorable light for allowing Rey to believe the island was under attack. We're still hoping that this one ends up on the DVD.