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Daniel Radcliffe Is A Desperate Drug Runner In Beast Of Burden Trailer

Not even Harry Potter has a magic fix strong enough to patch up this mess. 

In the first trailer for Beast of Burden, the upcoming thriller from Swedish director Jesper Ganslandt, Daniel Radcliffe plays Sean Haggerty, a pilot pushed into making one final drug run: deliver 55 pounds of cocaine across the border between the States and Mexico. Sean has kept himself tangled in a dangerous, deadly game of concealing the truth of his life from his wife, the law, and his drug cartel bosses, and sees the last trip as a way out. 

But unfortunately, things go belly-up on when Sean lands himself in the crosshairs of the cartel and the United States' Drug Enforcement Administration, the organization that vowed to help keep his ailing wife (Mr. Robot actress Grace Gummer) alive. 

"You're a drug mule, Sean," says one DEA agent (played by Orange Is the New Black star Pablo Schreiber. "Don't think for a second that you're anything more."

Take a look in the video above. 

Beast of Burden (no connection to the classic Rolling Stones song) also features Renée Willett, John Gettier, Sean Glover, Alec Heroux, Ashton Tatum, David Joseph Martinez, Mark Smith, Cesar Perez, Glenn D. Bridges, and James Hoelzel. Here's the official synopsis for the film: "Pilot Sean Haggerty (Daniel Radcliffe) must deliver cocaine across the US-Mexico border for his final run as a drug smuggler. Alone in a small plane, he is faced with the burden of choosing between his allegiance to the Cartel, his deal with the Drug Enforcement Administration and saving his increasingly tense relationship with his wife, eagerly awaiting his return."

Beast of Burden is set for release in select theaters and On Demand/Digital HD on February 23.