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It Gets A Terrifying Honest Trailer

Get ready for a whole bunch of creepy clown and '80s nostalgia in the Honest Trailer for IT. Screen Junkies took on the box office smash in their latest video, revealing the secrets of "the scary clown movie that was so scary it killed the actual clown industry." 

"Journey to the idyllic child murder capital of America," the trailer says of the film's Derry, Maine. "Life in Derry, Maine has its ups and clowns because Pennywise is lurking in the gutter and this piece of It will eat you alive unless he just feeds on people's fear or maybe he eats you alive and feeds on your fear or maybe he'll just scare you real bad and leave you alone. It's kind of muddled. Rule of thumb– main characters get spooked, everyone else is clown food."

The main characters in question are the Losers' Club, a group "full of Goonies and Lost Boys kids who beat One Direction fans in a screaming contest." Each of the Losers' Club is terrorized by Pennywise in a unique form, although he tends to prey on them in the exact same way, "where the kid will go off on their own, notice something out of the ordinary, and slowly walk towards it until a monster pops out." "You know you can just say nope and walk the other way, right?" the narrator questions. "Problem solved."

After spending some time skewering the movie's '80s nostalgia and talking about some of the finer plot points from the book that were left out of the film adaptation, the trailer asks viewers to "enjoy a horrifying rip down memory lane that cements clowns as the most terrifying childhood thing since dolls and puppets, making boatloads of cash for everyone involved, and guarantees that somebody somewhere just greenlit a Maximum Overdrive remake." "I don't know if I'm ready for another Stephen King-aissance, you guys," the narrator concludes. "It's gonna be a bumpy ride."