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Keanu Reeves Vs. Bruce Willis: Fans Are Split Over Who's The Better Action Star

To put two name-brand action stars against each other on popular online forums is always a sure way to cause a stirring debate. Keanu Reeves is most famous for starring in the "John Wick" franchise, where he highlights all of the many ways a person can be killed with a pencil, and the "Matrix" series, where he can dodge bullets, fly, and is an absolute monster with martial arts. He certainly has quite a repertoire of action movie skills and characters. Not only has he been "The One" and "Baba Yaga," but Reeves has also lent his talents to hunting demons in "Constantine." In other words, Reeves knows a thing or two about being a mysterious and almost mythological figure.

However, Bruce Willis also knows a thing or two about being an action movie star. After all, he appears in the "Die Hard" franchise as Detective John McClane. In these movies, McClane has to use all of his street smarts and grit to come out on top, and the very first "Die Hard" movie has been emblazoned into pop culture with the infamous phrase "Yippee Ki-Yay." Beyond "Die Hard," Willis also stars in films like "The Fifth Element," "Armageddon," "Sin City," and "Pulp Fiction." 

With both Hollywood stars boasting such thrilling credentials, it would be fun to see who Reddit's denizens favor between these two iconic action stars.

Fans can't make up their minds

The conversation was kicked off by one Reddit user who couldn't decide who was the bigger action star — Bruce Willis or Keanu Reeves. They said, "I'm really torn about these two action movie legends. They both are part of some of the most important and influential action franchises of the last three decades." They added, "For me, the two of them have been part of two of my favorite action movies from the '90s until now. 'Die Hard' and the first 'John Wick' are each a defining action film of their time, and are defining movies for the characters of John McClane and John Wick ... I'd love to hear what you think."

u/4Straylight said that the choice is actually quite simple between the two and that they overwhelmingly favor Reeves, stating that between the "John Wick" and "Matrix" franchises, Reeves will go down in history. Others also felt the same, with u/LoJoPa saying that it is easily Keanu and u/mgdass declaring that Keanu is the greatest action star of all time, and only Arnold Schwarzenegger comes close.

However, not all responses were totally onboard with Keanu being the greater of the two. One Reddit user said that Keanu has a better resume, but Willis is a better actor by quite a lot. u/forzaitalia458 expressed their opinion by saying that they love Keanu and that "The Matrix" is one of their favorite movies, but they felt like Willis is the better actor and has better film credits to his name. With the above comments in mind, it seems like most Reddit posters like Keanu as a person, but there is still a debate on whether he is better than Willis when it comes strictly to action movies.