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Erin's Commitment To Social Justice On Chicago P.D. Deeply Resonated With Sophia Bush

While much time has passed since Sophia Bush exited the "One Chicago" universe, there is no denying that fans miss Detective Erin Lindsay's impactful presence. The former "Chicago P.D." star made a long-lasting impression on the followers of the NBC series (via Distractify) with her character.

Erin Lindsay made several appearances on many of the "One Chicago" shows. Still, she shined most when she was working with Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and company in the CPD Intelligence Unit. Of the shows in the popular "Chicago" universe, "Chicago P.D." ranks high as a fan favorite of the franchise, and its talented cast has arguably helped the crime drama become a hit with home audiences (via Rotten Tomatoes). As a series regular, Bush starred in 84 episodes over four seasons (via IMDb). Her departure was not ideal, but thankfully, the actress has not fallen off the face of the Earth.

Bush has experienced several exciting endeavors since her "One Chicago" days, like starring in the medical drama series "Good Sam," hosting a rewatch podcast with her "One Tree Hill" alums Joy Lenz and Hilarie Burton, and trying to make the world a better place. Bush is known for her activism and philanthropy, recognized by CNN as one of the most charitable celebrities. Among the many just causes she advocates for, one, in particular, has a solid connection to her "Chicago P.D." personality.

Sophia Bush is a social justice enthusiast on and off screen

The "Chicago P.D." character Erin Lindsay had a rough life growing up. Because of her struggles, the detective is very compassionate about helping victims, especially when it comes to those who suffer as the result of a flawed system. The persona's aptitude to aid in social justice issues was one of the things that initially drew Sophia Bush to the character.

In a discussion presented by AOL (via YouTube), she said, "I think the reason that I identified with her first and foremost was the fact she's a person who is more committed to social justice than anything because, for me, that's it." Whether for human rights or environmental rights, the actress relates to her TV police personality when fighting for a worthy cause.

It's not surprising that Bush would be drawn to someone so enthusiastic about helping people because that is why she got into the business in the first place. In an interview posted by Build Series on YouTube, Bush revealed, "The reason that I wanted to be an actor was to tell stories about people that would make people feel things, think things, provide catharsis, and maybe open people's eyes to people who are different than them."

Bush's rewarding career has been driven by the desire to inspire people through her characters, and some fans would probably agree it is safe to presume she accomplished that goal.