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30 Best Episodes Of Mountain Men Ranked

As fans of "Mountain Men" will know, man is not at the top of the food chain when it comes to the mountains. To survive, he must do what is necessary — which, thankfully, makes for amazing television. In a world away from the mansions of "The Kardashians" and "Selling Sunset," a group of hardy mountaineers dedicate their lives to toughing it out in the depths of the wilderness. From show stalwarts like Tom Oar and Eustace Conway to later newcomers such as Jake and Martha, "Mountain Men" is beloved for its dramatic action, sense of community, and heart.

The gang seems to have adjusted well to their newly-found fame, injecting money into local businesses and their own pockets. The show is so beloved that Season 12 is likely to be on the horizon, though the series has not been officially renewed. Whether the main men like Tom will return remains to be seen, but in the meantime, fans can relive every skin shed and whittled craft the team has produced since 2012. Think you can distinguish prey from a predator? Here's our ranked list of the best 30 episodes of "Mountain Men."

30. No Rest For The Weary (Season 3, Episode 16)

With one of the highest star ratings on IMDb, it's no surprise why "No Rest For The Weary" is a firm fan favorite. The season finale packs in plenty of wilderness drama, from Marty needing to make a perilous detour mid-flight to Rich facing off with a deadly predator of his own. Taking center stage, it's all eyes on Kyle to provide for the family, tasked with killing a buffalo to sustain the gang through the winter months. There's immediate tension as the pressure mounts to take care of those back home while Kyle struggles to get a clear shot. It's never pleasant to see an animal killed on TV (and thankfully we don't see much of it), but the sense of satisfaction in knowing the family can stay true to their wilderness roots is priceless.

In a more wholesome contrast, Eustace and Preston see their hard work pay off with the completion of the lumber shed hanging off of thinly-shaped trees to get the job done. The gorgeous barn covering two floors is clearly an engineering marvel. It's no wonder Eustace is so proud of himself, securing even more creative freedom for the pair of them.

29. Winter Strikes (Season 2, Episode 3)

As the voiceover immediately tells us, the third episode of Season 2 is quite literally all or nothing. Clearly, the sense of heightened drama is a big hit with fans, scoring in the top 30 rated episodes on IMDb. "Winter Strikes" follows the devastating effects of Montana's forest fires, with Tom struggling to prepare for another winter ahead. In an attempt to make things bearable, he embarks on a deer hunt to save the family's bacon (or venison, if you will). Setting out on his own into the white wilderness, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief when Tom finally spots what he's after. The perfect cliffhanger comes when he misses his shot in the episode's final moments, leaving viewers unsure if he can find food after the garden was torn up by a grizzly bear.

Even though the snow settles down, the drama doesn't stop there. Rich has to contend with the wolves of the wilderness to try and make back his previous year's losses, while Marty nurses his broken machinery into unchartered territory. Previously having problems before the snowfall, Marty sets himself up for a season of hardship, working to repair the damage caused by the perilous weather. Even worse — Rich's dog has gone missing in the darkness of coyote howls. Nothing says "tune in next week" like a cute, lost pet!

28. No Guts, No Glory (Season 8, Episode 9)

Not only do the cast of "Mountain Men" have to deal with their fair share of bears, wolves, and lost dogs, but the odd mountain lion also rears its head to cause some chaos. Season 8's "No Guts, No Glory" watches Jake hunt a lion that has strayed too close to human territory, hiking up a rugged mountain face in signature camouflage attire. A bobcat crossing his path makes Jake's life even more difficult, with his dog losing the scent of the lion in favor of a wild goose chase. Bringing in the rest of his hunting team for reinforcements, Jake does what he does best, charging into the distance to scare the lion away. It's not often you see a pack of small dogs chasing a mountain lion up a tree, but this episode ticks the box of unexpected drama.

Elsewhere, the classic "Mountain Men" hunt for a buffalo continues — only this time, two of the cast are working together. Instead of sending Kyle off to do the dirty work for them, Episode 9 is Kidd and Harry's time to shine. In stark contrast to the ongoing animal wrestling, a unique father-son bond is also taking shape, with Jason building a brand-new knife with his son. The show is arguably at its best when we see the cast interacting with each other. Seeing a new generation enter the fold creates an entirely new level of satisfaction.

27. Mayhem (Season 1, Episode 2)

Even though "Mayhem" is only the show's second outing, the second episode of Season 1 solidified itself as an instant classic. It's here that "Mountain Men" solidifies its trusted basics, focusing on the core cast of Tom, Marty, and Eustace. While Marty struggles with leaving his family behind after his pilgrimage to North Alaska, Eustace starts the humble beginnings of the tree house. For long-time fans of the show, it's endearing to see such a huge dose of heart at the center of the action. It's rare for viewers to see a glimpse of anyone outside of the Mountain Men themselves, and the episode serves as the perfect reminder that members of the cast have existing lives outside of the show.

Even though the lumber shed is in its humble beginnings, some things never change — and Tom is still taking his hunt into the dead of night. While trying to save a friend's water supply, he runs into a pack of grizzlies. This is the moment we first see what Tom is made of, packing up his truck to take on the world beyond the woodland. He cuts a dashing figure, and there's something about his sense of confidence that compels fans to keep watching.

26. On Thin Ice (Season 10, Episode 7)

Running the gauntlet is always risky business, but what happens when that gauntlet involves mid-winter fishing? Like always, Episode 7 of Season 10 is packed to the rafters with wilderness drama — only this time, it's a lot more versatile. At the heart of "On Thin Ice," Kidd and Harry are in the thick of it. The two must contend with a river full of ice while challenged with the mission of completing a mid-winter fishing expedition. As with all shoot-to-kill moments on the show, there's inevitably a lot at stake, whether it's putting food on the table for the family or making up for losses in the past. This time, being left with meat isn't much better, with Mike risking desolation after being saddled with 500 pounds of feral cow meat.

Every good episode of "Mountain Men" has something you can rely on, like Tom once again being back out on the hunt. This time, it's a search for a beaver, and he finds himself setting a personal record along the way. On the flip side, when animals aren't killed, they're usually doing the hunting — until Jake loses one of the dogs on the side of the mountain. Haven't these guys had enough to deal with in their lives?

25. Tornado Alley (Season 9, Episode 13)

We've seen "Twister" and the storm that ravaged Wisteria Lane in "Desperate Housewives," and now it's the weather's turn to ruin things for the mountain men. Season 9's "Tornado Alley" stared the effects of the climate right in the eye, with a few bears thrown in for good measure. The episode is touted as a means of opportunity — including finding bear meat to feed the family. It's specifically a black bear that Jake is looking for this time, hoping to line the larder with fresh spring stock. What he actually gets (and definitely doesn't bargain for) is some pretty scary weather. When a tornado strikes Franklin County, our mountain men and their family have to batten down the hatches and hope for the best.

Though the circumstances aren't ideal, it's intriguing to watch Tom and the gang in a situation they've yet to face. Mary makes sure the kids are okay in the hideout, keeping the family in one piece by checking that the radios still work. When the clouds lift, it's Eustace that comes out on top, happy with the crops he'd planted earlier in a literal race against time. We might not be facing the hunts and storms ourselves, but it's certainly exhausting to watch.

24. No Man Is An Island (Season 5, Episode 4)

If there's one thing this lot knows, it's how to act as a team. The episode name "No Man Is An Island" is extremely apt on its own merit, pulling the punches as one of the show's highest-rated episodes on IMDb. It's perhaps the episode's bonus footage that serves as its most memorable, honing in on Jason's family of loving homesteaders. While checking out a defunct property, the pair provide the down-to-earth nature we know and love, spouting practical knowledge like a fountain of information. If there's a loving family we'd want to be a part of, this is it.

Elsewhere, the family action feels a little more perilous. Both Tom and Morgan are out battling the elements — Morgan must fight the deep freeze on his own while Tom calls for reinforcements when he's in over his head. It's this dual sense of teamwork that makes this episode of "Mountain Men" so special, keeping fans on their toes with the dangers of the wilderness while packing the action and a whole lot of family heart. To top it all off, Jason's lumberjack skills are out in full force, literally pushing trees over to chop them into logs.

23. Misty Mountain (Season 2, Episode 16)

Just like the white water rapids, this episode crashes into the top ranks of "Mountain Men" episodes. As the first season to have the classic formation of 16 episodes, the Season 2 finale perfectly captures the drama when times are changing. "Misty Mountain" follows our favorite woodsmen as they prepare for spring after a hard and taxing winter. For Eustace, the transition seems to be an easy one, testing out a canoe he's built on the river to pay off his debts. Kicking back and telling stories that remind him of his father, it's heartwarming to see a more relaxed pace to a typically frantic episode structure.

As is usually the case with "Mountain Men," the drama is never far away from the woods. Tom arguably has the biggest change in character, downing tools on the mountain to head for the sunshine state of Florida. With his kids keen to see him move away from continued hardship, his instincts to be a stick in the mud kick in, with his friends baffled by his choices. Even though Tom heads for the hills, the unpredictable nature of the show stays put, as Rich trains his dog to find cougars. Spoiler alert — it doesn't end well.

22. The Big Reckoning (Season 9, Episode 12_

What could make watching rugged explorers on the side of a mountain even more exciting? Probably when one of them finds gold. It's Josh that strikes it lucky in "The Big Reckoning," finding a huge stash on one of his many expeditions. It might seem like something out of a theme park ride, but it's the sort of discovery that could change the family's life forever. Season 9 is set up to be the show's wildest season yet, and when we know so much is always on the line, one small change can keep fans hooked in a whole new way.

Alongside the usual fighting with bears, bobcats, and big cats, the brutal landscape decides to take it out on Eustace. Watching his land go up in flames, the future he is determined to make for himself is suddenly left in jeopardy. It's a similar story for Kidd and Harry, hoping that making moves toward their lifelong ambitions is a gamble that will pay off. It's an episode all about our favorite gang taking big risks — and in doing so, it sticks the landing as one of the show's best episodes. 

21. Miles From Home (Season 1, Episode 4)

Even though "Miles From Home" is only four episodes into the show's run, it's here fans can sink their teeth into the cast and their ongoing challenges. Eustace is trying to outrun the taxman, busting up with locals along the way. While it's easier to hide in the wilderness, he can't outrun his problems for long — forcing Justin to take a hike. Throughout the episode, Eustace gets sick, yet is quick to brew some questionable home remedies of his own. Seeing the lengths the gang will go to stay in the land they call home is both entertaining and admirable, even when they risk more sickness from fireside potions.

Marty gets a ropey call while up in the air, telling him it's impossible to travel for the next 72 hours. It lays the groundwork for an episode that sees big decisions, whether that's Marty in the snow or Tom comfortably back at the ranch. For the first time, Tom will have to question whether he can afford to keep up the outsider lifestyle in Montana as he gets older. The theme follows him throughout the show's 11 seasons, and it's safe to say that he shows no signs of slowing down here.

20. Ticking Clock (Season 2, Episode 12)

Season 2 of "Mountain Men" is particularly known for producing amazing episode upon episode, and "Ticking Clock" is no exception. The action kicks off with an epic snowmobile crash, throwing Charlie's health into question. Thankfully he only comes away with a shoulder injury and a few bruises, continuing with the fishing season with a cracking catch of the day. The pressure is on for Marty too, determined to finish his barn before the winter worries really take hold. When the elements are out in full force, everything on the mountain can be taken away in an instant — and this episode is a perfectly entertaining reminder.

Meanwhile, Tom heads out to help his brother break in a pack of wild colts in Idaho. Although he has a stern look and intimidating personality, fans see Tom's softer side when he's interacting with his close friends and family. This is another turning point in seeing his more vulnerable side, dropping everything to help someone who needs his attention. It's not too surprising that his kids don't want him near the mountains anymore, but when we see him in full wilderness mode, how could he be anywhere else?

19. Double Jeopardy (Season 7, Episode 14)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, it is actually a plane — only it's no longer in the sky. Another great episode for its high stakes and explosive drama, Season 7's "Double Jeopardy" gets off on the wrong foot when Morgan's plane breaks down. Both Morgan and Mike end up stuck in the middle of nowhere when transport problems combine with supplies running out. The drama continues with Jake, as he leads his pack of dogs on a high-speed mountain chase in pursuit of mountain lions. At the last minute, it all goes wrong when one of the pups gets stuck up a tree after chasing a mountain lion a little too thoroughly. Regardless of what you think of them, a day in the life of the mountain men is never a straightforward one.

In a rare instance, Tom is having a different kind of day. Instead of staking out or trying to kill a buffalo, he heads to his shed to work on a commission for a traditional Native American lance. It's probably one of the first times we see an injection of culture and history into the show, far outside their typical outdoorsy survival mode. Watching the time, craft, and care Tom puts into his work is satisfying on an entirely new level, leaving fans with a newfound sense of respect.

18. Lost (Season 1, Episode 3)

With so much to digest, "Lost" might be the perfect title for Season 1, Episode 3. Unlike his more chilled-out personality in later episodes, Eustace is firmly fired up as he encounters problems with the taxman. Embroiled in a full-on fight with Justin, it's a notable moment in the show's history for mountaineers fighting each other instead of the wilderness. As we later find out in Episode 4, Justin makes a dramatic exit, but not without causing enough drama to make watching the episode thrilling. Eustace might feel like he can relax again, but the unforgiving elements of the wild are waiting to keep him on his toes.

For Tom and Marty, the episode title takes a more literal form. We often see Tom getting disgruntled with hunting, or not being able to secure a kill, but we can usually rest assured that his stakeouts will be successful. Except, for possibly the first time ever, Tom is completely lost and can't get home. The same can be said for Marty, trapped in a pitch-black, snowy woodland with only a flashlight (and camera crew) for company. Can he make the hike back to fix the machine he's left in the wilderness? There's only one way to find out.

17. Tooth And Claw (Season 8, Episode 11)

It's all to play for from the moment this episode starts, with fans staring directly into a grizzly bear's jaws. This time it's because Mike is scouting for bears on the riverbanks, with "Tooth and Claw" following his every move as he finds traps along the river bank. Wandering along the spacious marshland, it's breathtaking to see the open wilderness in all its glory. Wondering what makes this episode a standout? The moment Mike comes face to face with a bear in the closing moments. Lying in the tall grass, the end is just shy of being catastrophic.

In other moments, this episode of "Mountain Men" feels more like a cooking segment on a daytime TV show. Taking to his shed to show the cameras how to properly skin coyotes, Tom's avenues for extra cash inadvertently turn him into a presenter. It's nice to see another side to him, imparting his wisdom to fans as if they are the new generation. In a more mundane contrast, Morgan and Margaret enjoy a wholesome and harmless fishing trip. Who could have a problem with that?

16. Mountain Strong (Season 10, Episode 10)

Nothing tells us the mountain men might be in danger quite like a good storm, and the finale of Season 10 is on hand to remind us. As "Mountain Men" begins to cut back on its amount of episodes per season, the end of this season needs to go out with a bang — and it does. In "Mountain Strong," the storm hits Eustace the hardest, with the roof of his barn caving in. Giving off the vibes of a cool grandpa, he uses his strife as a teachable moment for the next generation. It's rare that we get to see the mountain men interact with outsiders, but there's an incredible sense of community when fans watch locals repair the barn.

Before every episode airs, the viewing discretion advice can feel a bit much — but this time, it's sorely needed. While Mike and Eustace undertake home repairs, Josh unexpectedly watches a bison give birth. "Mountain Men" is never shy of gore and violence in the natural world, but fans might need a separate set of sea legs to get through this latest drama. At least we can always count on Jake to be chasing a mountain lion up a tree.

15. No Way Out (Season 2, Episode 7)

Ah, kids. Don't you just love them? In a rare "Mountain Men" sighting, the younger generations are getting involved in pulling their weight on the ranch. Season 2's "No Way Out" isn't only one of the highest-rated outings on IMDb, but also shows Tom's grandson coming for a visit. What he imagines as a picturesque, relaxing break in a cozy cabin quickly turns out to be a lesson in hard work. Not only is the upkeep around the ranch huge, but Tom isn't one to do things by halves — leading his hunting stakeouts well into the night. It's a fun dynamic to watch, with proof that the mountaineering lifestyle certainly isn't for everyone.

Marty and his snowmobile are prominent features of almost every episode, but there's something about seeing him with a beard of frozen snow that's even more entertaining. This time, he's rescuing his extra pair of hands instead of relying on them, resulting in a sled chase through the woods in the dark of night. All's well that ends well though, as the two pull in enough furs to start the next season off on the right foot. If nothing else, we love to see the mountain men come out on top.

14. Bear Lair (Season 11, Episode 3)

We're going on a bear hunt ... for real this time! In the third episode of Season 11, all eyes are on Kidd and Harry as they try to track down a black bear. The aptly named "Bear Lair" is a master class in skilled hunting, from tracking cow herds up the mountainside to training dogs to do what's needed. It's possible the pair have laser focus because they have a score to settle, as a bear had previously torn through their camp and provisions. It could be a scene from "Brokeback Mountain" with extra beagles, as the cinematic filming of the sequence only makes the drama more intense.

On the other hand, Tom is honed in on the smaller scale of things. Showing 9-year-old Hank the ropes for how to hunt and trap a weasel, he transitions into the wise father figure we always knew he was. Though it's quite alarming to watch a small child be talked through a bunch of dangerous-looking traps, the warmth in Tom's eyes when he later speaks to the camera says it all.

13. Hell Or High Water (Season 7, Episode 16)

Records are made to be broken, and the finale of Season 7 brings out the best in our favorite mountain men. "Hell or High Water" is a monumental moment in Eustace's journey — going from the man who argued with younger help to having enough cash to make the down payment on the land next door. Finally able to free himself from some of his struggles, it's a joy to watch Eustace literally ride like a knight in shining armor to get what he wants. Reflecting on his journey over the last seven seasons, Eustace gives us the emotional moment we've all been rooting for, ready to take care of his patch for future generations.

Of course, no episode of "Mountain Men" is ever too far away from drama. Morgan navigates the treacherous path of the North Alaskan River, needing to land on a makeshift runway that's never been tested. Tom fights the rapids down the Kootenai River, definitely giving his kids another reason to be worried. The record itself comes in the form of Marty's hunting haul. Longtime viewers will know how much the cast struggles with this from season to season, so to finally see a healthy haul feels like as much of a win for the fans themselves.

12. Rite Of Passage (Season 3, Episode 7)

In the wilderness, territory matters. As much as fans are reminded that the mountain men are at the bottom of the food chain, they'll still be seen fighting for what's theirs. "Rite of Passage" follows Rich facing off against a mountain lion that has previously ravaged his turf. Setting his pack of dogs on them, Rich manages to scare it off enough to avoid a deadlier confrontation, but the battle for land doesn't stop there. Marty is having similar problems, with his hunting traps tampered with by a wild wolverine. Threatened with losing both their businesses and livelihoods, fans are in for a whirlwind of action as they watch the pair separately fend off their foes.

There's also something poignant about Tom scraping his skins in the freezing cold. This episode is a stark look at what can go wrong in the blink of an eye, even when it doesn't involve an attack by a wild animal. It's a heartbreaking look at the hard times for them all — including Kyle, who's struggling to tame a young colt in time. When we need a moment of positivity the most, Eustace is on hand to deliver it, putting his pride and joy of a woodburning truck to the test.

11. Settling The Score (Season 2, Episode 13)

In the thick of the mountains, sometimes all that matters is keeping things equal. Episode 13 of Season 2 is aptly titled "Settling The Score," and crashes into the list of top-rated episodes on IMDb. Unusually for an episode of "Mountain Men," this 45 minutes of woodland chaos involves a bird of prey. Tom's teaming back up with his brother Jack to send his hunting falcon back into the wild. It's a calmer start to the episode after their previous wrangling with a wild stallion, but that only allows their brotherly love to shine through. It's a similar family affair for Rich, who has roped his wife Diane into moving their cattle herd before the local predators catch up to them. Call us old-fashioned, but there's something endearing about seeing the mountain men work so well with their families.

As fans know, nature takes no prisoners — so it's particularly interesting to see different cast members at their peaks and pits. Marty is on a high from his most successful season yet, never letting the freezing cold or darkness dampen his spirits. On the other hand, Charlie is struggling thanks to his previous snowmobile injury, working through the season one-handed and on his own. It's rare we see two contrasts play out at exactly the same time, and it makes for a gripping watch.

10. Winter's Fury (Season 10, Episode 9)

Some might say the best "Mountain Men" episodes take place in the bleakness of winter — and we're inclined to agree. Season 10's "Winter's Fury" quickly takes no prisoners, pushing each of the cast members to their breaking points. Animal attacks are taking over the hard work of the mountain men, with Jake at the fore of a mountain lion's den. Previously only facing one violent mother, the kids are now all grown up and ready to take on Jake's land. If the first face-off wasn't exciting enough, fans now get to watch all three square up to him at once. That's what we call progression!

It's not all plain sailing for the others, either. Josh fends off his own predators while trying to protect his herd in the blizzard, and Mike uncovers worrying bear activity and traps that haven't quite been released. But it's arguably Kidd and Harry who have the most exciting screen time, spending their scenes stuck on rapid waters while trying to rescue a pack of stranded mules. It's a perilous journey — but hilarious in contrast to Tom, who's taking time out to help set up a trading post. Sweet.

9. End Of The Line (Season 2, Episode 9)

Injury always makes the action more exciting — yet unfortunately, it's always poor Charlie that has to bear the brunt of it. Season 2's "End of the Line" takes on a completely different tone, as Charlie is left stranded and fighting for his life alone in Maine. It's a much more serious take on the wilderness drama of "Mountain Men," but it's a vulnerable moment that pays off, keeping viewers gripped enough to rank it highly on IMDb. The cause of it all? The infamous snowmobile crash, which we now see played out at full speed.

What's great about Episode 9 is that it ventures to new places we've yet to discover as an audience. While Eustace is off raising money to make his dreams come true, Tom heads into the caves of his hometown to explore an animal disturbance that's gone too far. We even have a new cast member to welcome into the fold, with Tom giving viewers a sled tour of the incredible Tetons as he makes his living by running a dog sledding business. If TV could transport us somewhere else, we'd want that to be possible now.

8. Going For Broke (Season 2, Episode 11)

Ever seen a frozen beaver? Episode 11 of Season 2 will help you tick that off your viewing checklist. "Going for Broke" is a hodgepodge of issues for the mountain men, each facing their own extreme weather conditions and grueling challenges. While Tom's crew struggles to pull a frozen beaver out of a river (yes, you read that correctly), it's the first time we see him so heavily reliant on help to get a job done. Working on a commission that needs a beaver tail in order to be completed, watching two novices try to do what he could achieve in seconds is both infuriating and incredibly entertaining. If you've ever watched the show and thought you could show up and help, this episode is a humble reminder that you probably couldn't.

Elsewhere, Andy is having a nightmare of his own. Local temperatures have dropped below 0 degrees, meaning his workload has quite literally become backbreaking. He's flown in to help Marty try and build a second shed after his first was so successful. There's never a good time to try and start anything in the wild, and luck doesn't pay off a second time with this build. We can't lie, watching Marty fall at a final hurdle brings a tear to our eyes.

7. Hunt To Survive (Season 10, Episode 1)

It doesn't take long for the opening episode of Season 10 to get incredibly exciting, as the women are finally taking center stage. Sometimes drafted in to help their husbands or just as useful passers-by, the women in the lives of the mountain men rarely get a look in. In "Hunt to Survive," it's Nancy Oar that helps see Tom through the onset of the winter months. Since the beginning of the show, Tom's lifestyle has been a concern to many of his loved ones, and it's pretty emotional to see a woman step up to the plate and help him. Struggling in isolation, Nancy is on hand to give Tom the lift he needs as his health starts to fail him.

There's another rare sighting in the "Mountain Men" back catalog during this episode — a rattlesnake. Our mountaineers are more used to wrangling stallions, bears, and mountain lions, but Jake is faced with a smaller predator while hunting down an antelope. Thankfully, fans already know how best to skin a snake due to Tom's pearls of wisdom, though the results are possibly the most gruesome to look at. For viewers with a strong stomach, the Season 10 premiere is unmissable.

6. The Night's Watch (Season 2, Episode 2)

What's a mountain man to do when the weather is unseasonably warm? Get stuck in truckloads of drama that makes for amazing TV! "The Night's Watch" shows Marty once again arriving in the place he loves most, only to be met with springtime warmth rather than thick layers of snow. Without his beloved snowmobile and a frosty beard, he's almost unrecognizable, and it's compelling to watch him work out what to do for the best. Tom and Rich equally have their problems — only this time, it's nothing they can't handle. Rich quickly searches for his lost hound, while Tom takes on a grizzly bear that's been prowling his property. Day in the life, right?

Eustace is the mountain man with the most unusual problem this time around. After checking in on his chicken coop, he finds two of them headless, immediately suspecting a bear is the culprit. It's one of the more unforgettable moments in the show's history, with Eustace's relaxed personality normally making him better suited to fixing sheds or searching for land. Watching him engage in a chase of his own is really exciting, showing the others he can throw his weight around with the best of them.

5. No Turning Back (Season 11, Episode 2)

Reunited and it feels so good ... Tom's not having a great time of it in Season 11, so seeing him link back up with old pal Sean is a delight for longtime fans of the show. "No Turning Back" follows the pair on a particularly treacherous climb, checking in on an important trapline up the mountainside. We also get to see a glimpse into Tom's personal history, with photos from his glory days as a champion rodeo rider. Still considered the toughest man on the mountain, it's an emotional moment for fans to pay respect to the "Mountain Men" OG, still toughing it out in his signature adorned hat and navy coat.

Out in Alaska, the focus is no longer solely on Marty. Martha Tansy is taking the reins of an off-road expedition, paving the way for a brand-new generation of mountaineers to take their place on the show. Along with Elli, the pair find new hunting grounds that could be perfect for successful hunting seasons in the future. It's like they always say — don't send a man to do a woman's job!

4. Feast Or Famine (Season 10, Episode 5)

Now we're into the top 4 of our list, the drama is ramping up with even higher stakes. In Season 10's fifth episode, it's Eustace that arguably has the toughest job of them all, desperately needing to teach his neighbors how to survive. As the title suggests, it's a case of "Feast or Famine" if the locals aren't equipped with the right skills — and Eustace's calm and kind character makes him the ideal teacher for the job. The stakes are equally high for Jake, who encounters his first run-in with a mother mountain lion and her two kittens. Though the youngest of the bunch doesn't cause too much trouble, the episode sows a seed for a dramatic battle for territory later down the line.

One of the most spectacular scenes in this episode is seeing Tom in all his master craftsman glory. Over the seasons, fans have seen him do everything from make intricate lances to skin the meat from a snake. His creation from a wolf hide is arguably his best work to date, with Nancy right alongside him as the perfect helping hand. Tom's truly the king of the mountain, and it shows.

3. Winter Is Coming (Season 1, Episode 1)

There's no way our top 3 couldn't include where it all began. Fresh-faced and ready to take on whatever the mountain has to offer, Eustace, Marty, and Tom are introduced to fans as the hardiest men in the wilderness, and our dangerous love affair with the outdoors begins. We quickly get a great feel for their individual styles. 

Marty feels bad when choosing to swap his family for his beloved snowmobile in the rural outback of North Alaska. He's in his element while running around in the pitch black, and his face is frozen into one surprised expression. Eustace is the most laid-back of the bunch, treating viewers to his relaxed life of hunting, fishing, and tending the land that he's had for 33 years. Tom's life on the ranch is nothing to be jealous about, but his instant knowledge and urban smarts make him a figure not to be messed with. Regardless of what these guys are doing in "Winter Is Coming," the episode is full of an infectious passion that viewers can't help but get wrapped up in for the next 11 seasons. And so, an obsession is born!

2. Heart And Soul (Season 11 Episode 4)

Many reality TV shows don't last as long as 11 seasons — but when it comes to the wild, there's no stopping this way of living. By this point in "Mountain Men," the focus is firmly centered on Tom's health. "Heart and Soul" directly confronts his heart problems, as he's trussed up with a defibrillator while trying to work in his crafting shed. It's the first time in 11 seasons that Tom opens up an even more vulnerable part of his life, looking and feeling his age for the first time. His wife Nancy tells the camera about her own worries, and about taking over vital duties like log cutting while holding down the ranch.

What's even nicer to watch is that the entire episode is geared towards the couples of "Mountain Men." While Tom and Nancy prepare to potentially face the worst together, Jake and Anika welcome new life into the fold in the form of five adorable puppies. Balancing out the cuteness overload, Martha and Elli are reaping the rewards of their success as they begin to pack away boxes of hunted meat. It's a different approach for the show to take, but seeing the unbreakable bonds at the center of "Mountain Men" is a rare treat to behold.

1. Stranded (Season 3, Episode 14)

As IMDb's best-rated "Mountain Men" episode, it's no surprise that "Stranded" tops our ranking of episodes. The peak of the action falls at the feet of Charlie, who's stuck in a deadly whiteout over a mile from where he set up camp. He can hardly see, and neither can we — except for his classic green shirt partially trudging through the snow. It's possible that the mountainside action has never been more exciting, with a literal life-or-death situation playing out before our eyes. Managing to make himself a fire, Charlie narrowly avoids getting hypothermia before journeying back into the dark to find shelter.

The story isn't too dissimilar for Marty, who's also stuck in his own kind of blizzard. Setting traps to establish his territory, he manages to catch a variety of wild predators, from bears to foxes. As his hunt reveals itself in scene after scene, we switch over to Tom drilling down into fresh ice to fish for his own breakfast. After a night of whittling and rescuing his endangered chicken coop, the physical effort never ceases. This is an episode of "Mountain Men" that's always firing on all cylinders, sure to leave fans' hearts pounding in their ears.