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36% Of South Park Fans Think This Character Deserves Their Own Spin-Off - Looper Survey

"South Park" has lived such a long, legendary life that it's spawned a thick backlog of supporting characters whom fans adore. From Stan Marsh's (Trey Parker) wild, pot-growing father, Randy (also Parker), to the kids' tangent-spewing teacher, Mr. Garrison (Parker again), there's always someone to loathe, laugh at, or even admire.

Although a big-screen version of the series, "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut," hit theatres in 1999 and Paramount+ has aired several made-for-TV movies, "South Park" has never tried to launch its own spin-off. There have even been episodes or arcs dedicated to a single character, such as Butters Stotch (Matt Stone) and Pip Pirrup (also Stone), but none of the series' many characters has ever been given a whole show dedicated to them. Who would fans like to see pilot a show solo? Looper conducted a survey of 608 people around the country and asked them which "South Park" character deserves their own spin-off.

South Park fans would kill for more Kenny

Our poll singled out Kenny McCormick (Matt Stone). The mumble-speaking, orange hoodie-wearing kid took a huge amount of our poll, winding up with 35.53% of the vote. A spin-off featuring him actually does have a very rich vein of material to mine, between his parents' dysfunction, his relationships with his siblings, and even his tendency to die and be reborn thanks to his parents' unholy bond with Cthulhu.

From the muffled to the exuberantly big-mouthed (and fearlessly hedonistic), the next most-popular answer to our poll belongs to Eric Cartman (Trey Parker). 28.29% of our readers would love to see him go it alone; on the other hand, they'd rather not see one centered on his freewheeling mother, Liane (April Stewart), who only got 4.93% of the vote.

Best friends Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski (also Stone) are nearly inseparable on the show, and in the poll, they got an equal 12.5%. Perhaps they could share a single spin-off? And then there's Tolkien Black (Adrien Beard), who pulled in 6.25%. Perhaps fans are finally ready to see his family take center stage.