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Exclusive: Someone Is In The House In Terrifying Bad Apples Clip

Someone is in the house in an exclusive clip from the upcoming horror film Bad Apples. The movie follows two rotten to the core teens who terrorize their small town on Halloween. Throughout the night, their tricks get more and more sinister, leading to a finale the town will never forget.

The clip starts off with a young woman (Brea Grant) finding a "trick or treat" sign in her mail slot. She stalks through her dark house, calling out to the potential intruders, "Is that it? Is that all you got?" After being briefly distracted by the sound of a smoke alarm, she eventually grabs a kitchen knife to try to defend herself.

However, the weapon isn't enough to stop the two masked girls hiding in her kitchen from attacking her. One stabs her in the foot, causing her to fall to the ground, while the other reaches into her newly stocked cabinets and smashes a plate on the ground, suggesting more mayhem to come.

Beyond the Gates' Graham Skipper, The Hospital's Andrea Collins, Haunting of the Innocent's Danielle Reverman, Haunted Mirror's Alycia Lourim, and The Real Mario Party's Hannah Prichard also star in Bad Apples, which is written and directed by Infernal's Bryan Coyne. The movie will be available on VOD on February 6.