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The Close Call On Mountain Men That Nearly Left Morgan And Margaret Without Food

History Channel's long-running "Mountain Men" reality series is all about the people who choose to abandon the comforts of modern-day societies and live off the grid, surviving in some of the most remote places on the planet and often relying on self-grown or hunted supplies for sustenance. Given the show's subject matter, characters getting into sticky situations is nothing new to "Mountain Men" viewers, but not all of these scenes are equal in their potentially devastating consequences. In environments where one can't take anything for granted, including basics such as food and water, even the tiniest of mistakes could cost a person an entire month's worth of work. 

Of course, plenty of these adrenaline-inducing moments on "Mountain Men" were staged to increase their entertainment value. However, this is the case with most reality TV, and more often than not, there is some truth hidden in between the fabrications, too. In Season 7, Episode 12 of the hit show, a fan-favorite couple ran into an unfortunate event considering the amount of time and hard work they've put in to make their Alaskan homestead a reality. 

Morgan and Margaret's cellar flooded

The beginnings of Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern's venture were captured by the History Channel crew. The pair were in the process of settling into their new home throughout the course of the four seasons they were featured in the show. In Season 7, Episode 12, Beasley and Stern's brand new homestead was caught in a week-long storm, and the adventurers were left to deal with the aftermath. 

As a result of the many days of heavy rain and snowfall, most of the pair's food cache ended up submerged in water. It was one of the only completely insulated areas of their home, set up for growing vegetables and food storage. As Stern got into the cache, much of their supplies were already rotten and unusable. Thankfully, they managed to separate the salvageable plants and dry them off, and then put together a makeshift wooden floor to elevate the saplings and keep them away from moisture. Had they looked into the cache mere hours later, their entire food supply would have been ruined. 

"Mountain Men" has a reputation for being great for local businesses in the areas featured in the show. It's no wonder, then, that some of the show's stars went on to build upon their five minutes of fame and set up their own enterprises. Today, Beasley and Stern are prosperous small business owners. Their agrotourism company, Apricity Alaska, opens up the couple's self-built, remote homestead to adventure-hungry tourists who want to see what life off the grid truly looks like.