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Antonio Banderas Is Pablo Picasso In First Genius Season 2 Trailer

The revered Spanish artist is alive once more thanks to a stellar actor in an Emmy-nominated series. 

National Geographic unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming second season of Genius, the network's acclaimed anthology series that explores the greatest minds in history. Where the show's first trip around the block starred Geoffrey Rush as the theoretical physicist and famous figure Albert Einstein, the second centers around Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso, the prominent 20th-century artist known for his boundless creativity and his influence in multiple eras of art, particularly the Surrealism movement. 

The footage is littered with the line "I want to paint you," dotted with the more risqué aspects of Picasso's life, and freckled with passion, artistic pursuits, personal relationships, and plenty of rejoicing. Above all this is the true heart of Picasso, and thus the main focus of the impending installment's story: what it means to be an artist. Banderas as Picasso says in the trailer, "The only way to be a true artist is to work day and night. Lose yourself in it completely."

Take a look in the video above. 

Joining Banderas as Picasso is Alex Rich, who depicts the artist in his younger years. Ron Howard and Brain Grazer executive produce the series.

The second season of Genius will premiere on April 24 on National Geographic.