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One Piece Film: Red Already Broke A Mind-Blowing Record In Japan

"One Piece Film: Red" is making its mark on the anime world. The anime film breaks new ground for the franchise with its leading character, Uta (voiced by Kaori Nazuka, with songs by Ado). This popular singer, whose prowess is bolstered by dragon fruit, is finally about to reveal her true identity. Any worries about whether fans would embrace Uta are quickly being swept away. From her own soundtrack album to music videos, this character is drawing in devotees across the world.

Critical reviews seem generally positive, with many North American outlets yet to see the film as of October 2022. AnimeNewsNetwork's Richard Eisenbeis summed up what many are saying about its appeal to all audiences, writing, "...the movie itself was not only understandable to a newcomer like me, but also enjoyable." Surprising numbers from Japan's box office are proving just how powerful the current outing is among not only anime titles but the entire Japanese film industry.

One Piece Film: Red is one of the highest-grossing films in Japan ever

Current figures for "One Piece Film: Red" are making a case for its longevity. Over a month after its Japanese release, the project continues to bring in audiences; it took only 46 days for this cinematic event to make 15,006 billion yen, roughly translating to USD $108.57 million. That total is impressive in any market, but even more so when attendance figures are calculated. Current numbers have 10.76 million tickets sold as of September 2022 (via Crunchyroll). Overtaking previous anime entries like "Jujutsu Kaisen 0" to become the seventh-highest-grossing anime of all time is just the start. It's also making film history, becoming the 13th-highest-grossing film ever in Japan (via CBR).

The feat didn't go unnoticed by "One Piece" creator Eiichiro Oda. In honor of the occasion, Oda gave fans a special gift; a wanted poster featuring Uta harkens back to those posters that have accompanied previous characters. Notable among the poster's details is the figure presented. Instead of a bounty, the numbers represent what "Red" grossed as of the image's creation (via AnimeNewsNetwork).

Viewers throughout the world are sure to grow this already colossal total. The film reached Asian audiences throughout August, but Australia, the UK, the United States, and Italy are all set to get November releases (via Collider). The film's studio is going all out for the release. In the US, fans are being asked to show their love in a very public display. Toei Animation announced a takeover of Times Square coinciding with their presence at New York Comic Con. "We urge all fans, cosplayers, convention attendees, visitors, and New Yorkers to attend," the company posted (via @ToeiAnimation/Twitter).