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Jamie Lee Curtis Wants To Be A Helicopter Grandma In A Freaky Friday Sequel

The family fantasy comedy film "Freaky Friday," directed by Mark Waters, came out in 2003. The film focuses on the tumultuous relationship between Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her teenage daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan). It also included a character stint everyone forgets "NCIS'" Mark Harmon played. After the two get into an intense argument while out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, one of the owners gives them a pair of fortune cookies that, once the fortune is read, causes the two to switch bodies. Tess and Anna, now in each other's shoes, must navigate the eerie new reality while trying to figure out how to change back — in the meantime, they develop more respect and understanding of one another.

While Curtis has a long list of iconic films in her filmography — the "Halloween" franchise alone has cemented Curtis's place in the realm of memorable Hollywood actors — "Freaky Friday" certainly makes for one of the most fun additions.

And luckily for fans of the body switch film, Curtis is game to make a sequel — and even has an idea already for how the story could continue.

Curtis wants to be a helicopter grandma in the sequel

In October 2022, Jamie Lee Curtis appeared on "The View" to discuss her film "Halloween Ends," and while there, she opened up about the possibility of doing a sequel to "Freaky Friday." When the hosts brought up how fans have been asking for a sequel, Curtis quickly showed her enthusiasm for the potential project.

Curtis began, "I've already written to Disney." The actress then went on to say that, with her 64th birthday approaching, she has found that she is open to doing just about any creative project. Then, she continued with her pitch, saying, "Let me be the grandma, let me be the old grandma ... who switches places, so then Lindsay [Lohan] gets to be the sexy Grandma who is still happy with [2003's 'Freaky Friday' love interest] Mark Harmon." Put simply, she explained, she thinks a fun plot would be Lohan's character having to live out life as grandma while Curtis's character has to go back to life as a mother with toddlers.

The actress concluded, "I want to be a helicopter parent in today's world."

Curtis had no time to prep for Freaky Friday

In 2019, Jamie Lee Curtis sat down with Vanity Fair to break down her most notable roles — naturally, "Freaky Friday" was included in the list. While discussing the film, Curtis revealed that, even though fans probably can't picture anyone else playing Tess Coleman, Curtis wasn't the first choice for the role. So when the other actor dropped out, Curtis experienced a sped-up casting process after Disney reached out to her to see if she wanted to step in.

Curtis explained, "It was a Thursday; they sent me the script, [and] I read it on the plane. I met the director on Saturday, I had my hair dyed red on Sunday, and I was shooting on Monday. So the beauty of that movie is that I just jumped into it with absolutely zero prep on any level." Curtis added that it's quite the weird movie not to prep for, seeing as she is portraying a 45-year-old in some scenes and a 15-year-old in other scenes — and often doing both on the same day.

Looking back, Curtis likes that the lack of prep gave her freedom in the role. She said, "Because I had no time, I had the complete freedom to just go okay, whatever, whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen." She even declared it one of the freest creative experiences that she's ever had — and that she has been looking for that type of creative freedom since.