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Deadliest Catch Fans Speak Out In Anger Over The Authenticity Of The Show

Like all reality television series, Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" has been plagued with numerous allegations concerning the show's authenticity, with many claiming that the show is entirely scripted and fake. These kinds of accusations seem to come with the territory when working in reality television, as most fans are well aware that much of what they see on reality television has been planned in advance or doctored in some way to make it more entertaining.

Lingering doubts about the show's authenticity have led plenty of fans to question whether or not "Deadliest Catch" fakes it for the cameras — and unfortunately, there have been several confirmed instances of the show doing exactly that. Perhaps the most egregious example is the time that "Deadliest Catch" captured footage of a ship flooding and edited it into footage of a powerful storm rocking that same ship — making it seem as though the crew was in danger when the ship wasn't actually flooding at all (via Grunge).

Now, several fans online are actually speaking out in anger against the show's lack of authenticity, referencing a few allegedly scripted moments from the show's later seasons.

Fans are threatening to stop watching Deadliest Catch due to its fake drama

Fans on Reddit have made it very clear that they are upset with the lack of authenticity in "Deadliest Catch," with many specifically referencing a few outlandish storylines from the show's most recent seasons. "I get so little enjoyment over it that I am considering abandoning it almost every episode, it's not the same show anymore," writes u/BuildTheBase. "These last 2 seasons, in particular, have been hard, because I stopped believing the captains completely."

"I think this may be my last season following my favourite show. I can't deal with the blandness/scripted 'action' anymore," echoed another user. U/Due_Persimmon_5149 captured a few notable instances of this allegedly "scripted" action within the series, including the time when Josh Harris' brother inexplicably got his leg tangled on the boat and an unnecessarily dramatic storyline about Mandy Hansen's pregnancy.

Other users chimed in to reference the show's manipulation of footage through editing, harkening back to the previously mentioned account of "Deadliest Catch" falsifying footage of a storm. Indeed, this perceived lack of authenticity has been a major criticism of the series for years now, and many fans have specifically cited this "fake drama" as the main reason they stopped watching "Deadliest Catch" — and if this latest outcry is any indication, it appears that those criticisms aren't going to slow down any time soon.