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Teens Go Vigilante To Catch A Predator In Flower Trailer

17 is a fun age. After years of being told "no", you've finally got a little bit of power—so if you want to make the world a better place, you just go and do the damn thing. Consequences are for kids. 

In Flower, Zoey Deutch stars as Erica, a too-bold-for-her-own-good, whip-smart 17 year old who lives with her mother Laurie and her mother's boyfriend Bob in the San Fernando Valley. When she hears a rumor that Bob's son was molested by a high school teacher, she sets out with her friends to catch the teacher in the act, by any twisted, amoral, extralegal means necessary.

Flower is directed by Ceremony director Max Winkler, with a script co-written by Winkler and Matt Spicer, who also wrote 2017's darkly comic Ingrid Goes West. The new movie certainly looks to share a tone with that hit script, full of characters making ill-advised, unethical, cringeworthy decisions that you just can't look away from.

Prior to Flower, Deutch gained notice for roles in Everybody Wants Some!!Why Him?, and The Disaster Artist. She's joined in Flower by Adam Scott, playing the allegedly pervy teacher, Kathryn Hahn as her mom, Tim Heidecker as her mom's beau. and Joey Morgan as her stepbrother.

The movie looks like it goes some weird places, and more than one character in the caper is probably going to jail. We'll all find out when the movie sees release on March 16.