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Did Werewolf By Night's Credits Just Tease The Return Of Another Bloodstone?

Warning: Spoilers for "Werewolf by Night"

Marvel Studios' wildest endeavor yet has just been released on Disney+, and it's already leaving us to wonder what the future of the MCU could hold now there's a Man-Thing and a Werewolf running around in it. "Werewolf by Night" was the bonkers venture from the studio that switched super soldiers and high-tech suit-wearers for good old-fashioned monsters and the results were fantastic. How things were left, though, is something that, just like any Marvel installment, must be considered down to the smallest detail.

After reaching our umpteenth entry into the cinematic universe, it's expected to get even a brief wink to where or what this supposedly one-off horror story could take us. Surprisingly, it might not be with the titular terror but with the woman he took sides with after spying on something special. As we left Jack Russell (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Man-Thing (Carey Jones) camping out at an undisclosed location, we were treated with a gorgeous credit sequence retracing the film's events. Amidst the freeze frames of carnage and monster mayhem, there was the appearance of a crucial figure in the Bloodstone family tree that might just be grabbing onto something interesting regarding Elsa Bloodstone's (Laura Donnelly) future — and it might not necessarily be a living one.

Is Aunt Frances coming back to stake her claim on the Bloodstone?

During the chaos that reveals a very chatty corpse and hunters turned into horrors, Elsa Bloodstone uses her wits and her memories of her childhood to escape a predicament by graverobbing her own aunt. Rummaging through Aunt Frances Bloodstone's coffin, she retrieves a key to get her out of the crypt, but what's interesting is that we revisit that location later on, as well.

After the screen fades to black and quickly turns to red for the credits sequence, we see, at around 46 minutes, an animated image of Aunt Frannie's coffin with a clawed undead hand reaching out. Might this be a tease of the long-dead family member coming back to retrieve the Bloodstone that's now in the hands of her niece, Elsa? In the comics, it's only really Elsa and her father, Ulysses, that are prominent figures in the monster-hunting business, but who's to say if the MCU could make space for Frances as well?

While there's no confirmation that Jack or Man-Th...Ted are set for a comeback in future Marvel projects, it would be cool to see the last Elsa settle a family affair with a member that's ever so slightly dead. Here's hoping we have another catch-up with these characters soon, or during the next full moon, at least.