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Netflix Peels Off A Trailer For Dirty Money Docuseries

Psst—hey, comrade. Wanna get really mad about something?

Netflix has released a trailer for its newest docuseries, Dirty Money, set to highlight scandal and corruption in the world of big business, sharing notable stories of movers in the corporate world preying on or deceiving the public for the sake of ceaseless profit. Check it out above.

The series comes from the production company of Alex Gibney, a documentary filmmaker whose previous works include the films Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of BeliefEnron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, and Taxi to the Dark Side

Over its six episodes, the program will cover tales of political corruption, corporate malfeasance, and sinister greed, with six directors taking on the subject from a different angle. Their thematic connection? Each one is these stories is liable to put 99% of viewers in a pretty revolutionary mood. 

According to Deadline, the episodes include: "Hard Nox", an episode directed by Alex Gibney that analyzes the Volkswagen emissions testing defeat device scandal; "The Confidence Man", directed by Fisher Stephens, chronicling how Donald Trump went from failing businessman to branding master; "Payday", directed by Jesse Moss, about the shady and dubiously-legal world of predatory payday loans; "Drug Short", directed by Erin Lee Carr, examining the ways in which pharmaceutical companies gouge the prices of essential medicines to outrageous extents; "Cartel Bank", directed by Kristi Jacobson, about how one of the largest banks in the world laundered hundreds of millions of dollars for drug cartels while looking the other way; and "The Maple Syrup Heist," directed by Brian McGinn, about an improbable $20 million syrup theft in Canada.

It's enough to make you feel convinced the deck is stacked against you, so maybe don't watch all six stories at once. It's probably not healthy, like staring for too long into the sun.

Dirty Money premieres on Netflix on January 26.