Logan Lerman Goes Missing In The Vanishing Of Sidney Hall Trailer

A24 has an engaging new mystery on their hands in the first trailer for The Vanishing of Sidney Hall. The film, which comes from the distributor behind Lady Bird and The Disaster Artist, stars Logan Lerman as Sidney Hall, a prodigious author who mysteriously disappears.

Hall's debut novel dealt with the death of one of his high-school classmates. While the book catapulted him to the top of the best seller list, it also put him at the center of a great deal of controversy as he dealt with his unexpected newfound fame. "I really want to write something that's going to shake people up," Hall says in the trailer.

Hall's renown puts a strain on his relationship with his girlfriend Melody (Elle Fanning), with the dark consequences of him publishing the book beginning to encroach on their life together. It also causes him to start seeing things related to the dark plot of his novel– "things that aren't there." "Everywhere I go, he's with me," he says of his classmate. 

Things get even worse when Sidney mysteriously disappears, leaving no trace of himself. Years later, an investigator (Kyle Chandler) becomes convinced that he may have found Sidney, and goes on the hunt to try to figure out how his books are connected to a string of mysterious crimes. "Give me the information about Sidney Hall and you will never see me again," he tells someone.

Michelle Monaghan, Nathan Lane, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Blake Jenner, Margaret Qualley, Janina Gavankar, and Tim Blake Nelson also star in the film, which was directed by Before I Disappear's Shawn Christensen based on a script he co-wrote with Enter Nowhere's Jason Dolan. The film will be released on DIRECTV on Jan. 25 before hitting theaters on March 2.