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Who Plays Man-Thing In Marvel's Werewolf By Night?

"Werewolf by Night" has finally arrived, marking the first Special Presentation ever for Disney+ and Marvel Studios. The 52-minute film is a campy throwback to old horror films and introduces some of Marvel Comics' most unusual characters to the small screen. While it would have been fantastic to watch "Werewolf by Night" in a theater, it still shines on the streamer.

Laura Donnelly literally kills it as Elsa Bloodstone, and Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal slays as Jack Russell, but one character really steals the show. Man-Thing is the break-out star of "Werewolf by Night," and for good reason. Somehow, director Michael Giacchino made one of Marvel's most famous monsters into an adorable sidekick you want to keep in your back pocket. Sure, he's quite terrifying in his capabilities, but your choice not to fear Man-Thing means the very difference between life and death.

So who plays the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities in "Werewolf by Night?"

Man-Thing is portrayed by the incredibly talented Carey Jones

The film's credits reveal that Man-Thing is played by Carey Jones. Jones' first acting gig was as a tracker Predator in 2010's "Predators." He's also played a werewolf in MTV's "Teen Wolf" while also being featured in two episodes of Shudder's "Creepshow" as The Djinn and The Scarecrow. Additionally, Jones appeared in "The Book of Boba Fett" as the Wookie Black Krrsantan in five episodes.

Jones certainly knows how to bring authentic movement to the unusual characters he plays, and Man-Thing is just the latest example. While he has 13 acting credits to his name, Jones is primarily known in the entertainment world for his work in special effects makeup. He has worked on some of the most popular television series and movies of the last two decades for KNB EFX Group. The company specializes in special effects makeup, including animatronics and prosthetics. He's worked as a supervisor on well-known projects like "The Walking Dead," "True Detective," "Watchmen," and "Mare of Easttown," to name a few.

He's also responsible for the look of Man-Thing in "Werewolf by Night," serving as the supervisor of the makeup department for the film.