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The Tick Has A Team Of Super Friends In Trailer For New Episodes

Even the nigh-invulnerable need backup sometimes.

The Tick, Amazon's superhero sendup series based on a series of comics by Ben Edlund, is coming back to finish off its first season next month, and you can watch a Terror-filled new trailer for the season's back half now.

The trailer gives a lot of time over to The Terror, a nemesis of the Tick played by Jackie Earle Haley who is, indeed, not nearly as dead as was previously thought. 

To help combat the new emerging threat, the Tick and Arthur assemble their own makeshift Avengers, bringing in a diverse crew of heroes. The Tick's team includes Overkill, a psychotic, dark-suited vigilante played by Scott Speiser; Tinfoil Kevin, a homeless paranoiac played by Devin Ratray; Superian, a flying fighter played by Brendan Hines; Midnight, a dog, voiced by Townsend Coleman, Dangerboat, a boat, voiced by Alan Tudyk, and Dot, Arthur's sister.

Together, the squad almost looks like a real deal team of superheroes, causing a massive amount of collateral damage as they work together to stave off the Terror and his goons. Hey, somebody's gotta do it.

The Tick returns for the final six episodes of its first season on February 23. Check out the new poster for the second half of the season down below.