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The Real Reason Morgan Beasley Left History's Mountain Men

History's "Mountain Men" is a reality series that focuses on several eccentric survivalists who reside within the numerous mountain ranges of North America. Many of these survivalists, like series regular Eustace Conway, make a point to highlight their commitment to living "off-the-grid" — and the show often emphasizes their isolation from traditional society.

While the series has come under scrutiny for potentially staging aspects of this isolated lifestyle, for "Mountain Men" star Morgan Beasley, it's truly the only way to live. According to his website, Morgan Beasley has dedicated his entire life and career to the outdoors and frequently voices his disapproval of busy city life. Beasley's disdain for the traditional society led him to a remote homestead in Alaska about 165 miles from the nearest town, where he still resides to this day alongside his partner Megan Stern. Beasley's adventurous lifestyle deep within the Alaskan Bush was featured in 78 episodes of "Mountain Men" from 2015-2019, though his abrupt departure prior to Season 9 is certain to have plenty of fans wondering what actually happened to the eccentric outdoorsman (via IMDB). Here's everything we know about Morgan Beasley's surprising exit from "Mountain Men."

It's unclear what prompted Beasley's departure, though he has certainly kept himself busy in the meantime

Unfortunately, there is still a decent amount of mystery surrounding Morgan Beasley's departure from "Mountain Men," as both he and Megan Stern abruptly vanished from the series after the Season 8 episode "Seize the Day" — without any clarification as to why. Although there have been no reports about why Beasley decided to leave the series, it's entirely possible that filming "Mountain Men" was taking too much time out of his already busy schedule.

On top of running the company Apricity Alaska alongside Stern (which provides customers with adventurous tours across the remote Alaskan wilderness), he also manages his own YouTube channel, which chronicles his isolated life on the homestead (via Apricity Alaska). In addition to those two projects, Beasley is also an airplane enthusiast and pilot and has captured many of his flights across the Alaskan Bush through videos posted to YouTube.

Although there remains no clear answer as to why Beasley ended up leaving "Mountain Men," it's abundantly clear that his passion for the outdoors has remained intact long after his departures from the series — and he continues to live as a mountain man to this day.