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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Now Streaming All 9 Seasons On Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld and his funny friends have found a new favorite coffee spot.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the web series created by Jerry Seinfeld in 2012, has made the move from Crackle to Netflix in anticipation of an upcoming tenth season, and you can check out the trailer for Netflix's new arrival now. 

The show, if you're not familiar with it, is precisely what the title makes it sound like, which hopefully doesn't come as too much of a surprise. Also, it's pretty good! It's a credit to Seinfeld, a fabulously rich person for whom life is but a dream, that he's been able to take the luxurious and leisurely concept of famous people casually cruising around in some immensely expensive whips and make it surprisingly watchable, producing a relaxing little hangout show that's something like the visual version of a one-on-one podcast between professional comics. 

The series' move from Crackle to Netflix was originally announced in January 2017, with 24 new episodes expected to be produced for the streaming service, according to Deadline. Guests on the series up til now have included the likes of Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, and Barack Obama, among many other notable comics, actors, and presidents. (Er, scratch that last one, for now.)

For presentation on Netflix, the nine existing seasons of Comedians in Cars had their episodes re-ordered into four discrete collections—"First Cup", "Light and Sweet", "Just Made a Fresh Pot" and "Late Night Espresso". As part of the re-structuring, the product placement was excised from many of the episodes. 

Additionally, the episodes with Louis C.K. and Jason Alexander (in character as Seinfeld's George Costanza) did not make the jump to Netflix—so if you're a Comedians in Cars completionist, you've got to put in a little bit of legwork to see the whole, uh, saga.

The tenth season of the series is expected to air sometime in the middle of 2018; for now, anyone who hasn't hopped on board the caravan in the last five years or so can catch up on (almost) all 59 episodes of the series right now from the comfort of their couch.