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Before I Wake Trailer Brings A Child's Worst Dreams To Life

The director of OculusHush, Gerald's Game and Ouija: Origin of Evil is coming back to Netflix with a whole new horror experience, and you can watch the trailer for his latest movie now.

Before I Wake tells the story of a young, insomniac orphaned boy, played by Jacob Tremblay (Room, The Book of Henry), who gets adopted by a kindly couple played by Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane. When dreamlike phenomena begin manifesting around the new family, it becomes increasingly clear that the boy possesses the ability to project his dreams—and nightmares—into the real world, seemingly automatically, with increasingly horrifying results. 

Before I Wake is directed by Mike Flanagan, with the screenplay credited to Flanagan and Jeff Howard. The movie was originally filmed in 2013, but its release was delayed for years, for reasons that haven't been publicized, making it both a new feature and a throwback to a time when Flanagan's career as a horror filmmaker was just beginning to accelerate. 

Before I Wake is streaming on Netflix now.