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The Bizarre Blue Bloods Rumor That Had Fans Convinced Tom Selleck Left The Show

Tom Selleck has had an impressive career on the small screen, including his successful run on the hit CBS series "Blue Bloods." The experienced actor has lent his talents to several projects over the years, and because of his notoriety, the man has also spent his fair share of time in the spotlight, for better or worse.

While some actors are only blessed with the opportunity to be involved with one hit show in their career, Selleck has managed to find success several times on television with such worthy examples as his Emmy-winning turn in "Magnum P.I.," the Jesse Stone made-for-TV flicks, and of course, the CBS crime drama. Selleck believes "Blue Bloods" is successful because of the well-crafted characters, but it's not crazy to assume that some people are purely watching for what the small-screen veteran brings to the table. The head of the Reagan family continues to have the same impactful presence that made his other popular credits such a hit with viewers, and fans of one of the most watched shows of the 2021-2022 season (via Variety) would probably not be pleased if Frank Reagan was no longer on the roster for "Blue Bloods."

Unfortunately for fans, a strange online rumor that Selleck was exiting the series most assuredly had several longtime viewers of the CBS crime drama considerably concerned at the idea of "Blue Bloods" without Selleck. Thankfully the odd affair turned out to be a farce, but it still was not an ideal situation overall.

The rumors of Tom Selleck's departure from Blue Bloods have been greatly exaggerated

The internet can be great, but it can also be a haven for deception. The web has been known for being a place where wild rumors regularly run rampant, one of which involved "Blue Bloods" in January 2021. An online advertisement popped up with two headlines, each under the same picture of Tom Selleck. One read "Tom Never Again in Blue Bloods," and the other had the ominous title "Tom's Final Words Before Leaving the Stage Forever." When users would click on the ad, they'd be brought to a webpage with the domain starstruck24.com. The site looked like a run-of-the-mill video-on-demand platform offering the sale of "Blue Bloods" Season 11 for $27. An article about the series was also present, but it had nothing to do with Tom Selleck leaving the show.

The whole thing was fake, and the article was ripped from Showbiz Cheatsheet. According to the efforts of a thorough investigation from Snopes, a site known for debunking misleading ads online, nothing about the advertisement or its destination link was accurate or real. They have also debunked other claims that the celebrity is a CBD oil spokesperson and that "Blue Bloods" was canceled in February 2020.

The whole thing regarding Selleck's exit was not right from the start, as the debunked rumor contradicted what he told People in May 2020, saying, ​​"I don't think there is an end point," when referring to his future on the series. Despite the outlandish rumors he is constantly bombarded with, Selleck seems to be sticking with "Blue Bloods" for the foreseeable future.