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Does The Bend, Oregon Blockbuster From Family Guy Season 21 Episode 2 Actually Exist?

Younger generations will never know the thrill of browsing aisle after aisle of VHS tapes and DVDs, trying to decide what to watch for family movie night. For those who grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s, Blockbuster was likely a regular haunt before Netflix became an industry giant.

On the recently-aired "Family Guy" Season 21, Episode 2 ("Bend or Blockbuster"), the Griffins take a rather lengthy trip down memory lane. After Lois (Alex Borstein) tries and fails to come up with fun family activities, Peter (Seth MacFarlane) suggests renting a film at Blockbuster. However, upon learning that the nearby location shut down long ago, he and his unwitting wife, kids, and dog set out on a cross-country road trip to Bend, Oregon, where the last-existing Blockbuster is still in operation.

Naturally, chaos ensues upon their arrival. Peter learns he owes a late fee of over $30,000 for failing to return "Ladyhawke" years prior. There's an intense car chase with the Blockbuster employees, a cut-away to Sylvester Stallone's iconic cliff jump in "First Blood," and a rare but touching moment between Peter and his children. The episode shows the cartoon returning to its roots after its premiere of parodies received less-than-stellar reviews.

Upon seeing the former holy grail of films, many "Family Guy" viewers might wonder if they, too, can travel to Bend, Oregon to visit the world's sole Blockbuster. Is it simply a creation of MacFarlane, or does it actually exist?

The Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon is open daily, offering movies, souvenirs, and more

At the height of the Blockbuster craze, the franchise boasted 9,000 stores worldwide, as Business Insider reported. However, with the rise of newcomer Netflix, which sent DVDs right to homes and didn't charge a late fee, Blockbuster became extinct by 2013. Well, almost.

The Bend, Oregon store featured on "Family Guy" is very much real and thriving as the only Blockbuster left in the world. Hailed as the "Last Blockbuster," it can be found at 211 NE Revere Ave #3 and is open daily starting at 10:30 a.m. Not only can patrons choose from an array of movies, but they can also purchase souvenirs to commemorate their visit. Options include a T-shirt with the old saying, "Be kind, rewind," and a Blockbuster onesie.

Boasting a nearly 5-star review on Google, guests love the nostalgic feeling that the store provides. "I stopped here on a 6,000-mile road trip across the entire country, and without a doubt this was the single best place I went during the trip. What a blast from the past," wrote WAEMID IV.

In fact, a lucky few Blockbuster aficionados had the chance to sleep over at the store in 2020. As shutdowns due to the pandemic continued, location manager Sandi Harding brainstormed a clever way to welcome guests in a safe way. The "Last Blockbuster" was listed on Airbnb for one weekend, allowing a small group to book the store for a mere $4. Harding set up a 1990s-esque living room, snack bar, and VHS player to provide the ultimate movie night during that difficult year.