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What Parents Should Know Before Letting Their Kids Watch Modern Family

When one hears that Ed O'Neill is in a family comedy, one might suddenly become apprehensive about the show's ability to be watched by kids and teenagers, considering that the actor was made famous by another family comedy, "Married...with Children." However, unlike the just mentioned show, "Modern Family" isn't about an antagonistic family from the late 20th century, but rather many interconnected families and generally supportive of each other. O'Neill might still scowl in "Modern Family," but not nearly at the same intensity as "Married...With Children."

Speaking with the New York Times, series co-creator Christopher Lloyd was asked about the ending of "Modern Family" and answered, "Not to get too pretentious about it, but you hand the series over to the viewers at the end to do with the characters what they want. To launch everybody on these new paths seemed like a hopeful way to end the series." Co-creator Steve Levitan added, "We always tried to be a happy show." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Modern Family" ran for 11 seasons and has an 85% critic score and an 89% audience score across the breadth of the series. So, with such kind words from the series creators and an impressive track record when it comes to critics and audiences, at what point does "Modern Family" become accessible for the youngest among us?

Modern Family is officially rated TV-PG, but one site says the age of 13 is probably the most appropriate

The subject matter of "Modern Family" isn't full of violence, gore, or extreme examples of profanity. However, it does occasionally make some lighthearted innuendo, and the show has an official rating of TV-PG. Featuring three different families of varying compositions, "Modern Family" manages to balance comedy and emotions between the nuclear, blended, and same-sex families. This means that viewers often get different outlooks and opinions on different events and subjects, which usually form the basis of great jokes or drama-filled moments. So at what age can children watch "Modern Family," if they are so inclined?

As reported by Common Sense Media, "Modern Family" is considered safe for children older than 13 years old, and the site notes that there can be some mild salty language, light stereotyping, sexual moments that are often used as a source of humor, and teen drinking that is mentioned unfavorably. It goes on to say that older teens will find a lot to love and laugh about "Modern Family." The site goes on to mention that the show contains both positive messages and positive role models, however, it seems as if viewers may think 13 years old is a little high and have actually suggested that younger individuals can watch the show.

Viewers have different opinions about Modern Family's appropriateness

User submissions on Common Sense Media suggest that the show can potentially be watched by those as young as 11. User Kmjayhawk said of the show, "I love this show, and so do my older children! This show teaches a great message: love holds a family together. Not for the child who parrots, however, there is certainly adult language. Younger kids might not understand adult content, and it might make older kids feel uncomfortable. Stereotypes are there, but if you talk to your child about them, they are not a huge deal. If you handpick the episodes that you show your younger children, (9-11), this is such a winner!"

Others felt the same way, with theawesomemoi saying that they started watching the show at the age of 11 and that every episode makes them laugh. User supersing suggested that the age of 12 might be more appropriate, but that depends entirely on the maturity of the child watching. User bernie210 offered a slightly different take on the appropriateness of "Modern Family" and suggested that children should be at least 16 to watch the show while adding that even though the show has great messages, there are entirely too many sexual situations.

On the flip side of that, user TheMovieAdvisor suggested that children as young as five can watch "Modern Family" and noted that if parents think the show is inappropriate for young children, then they probably shouldn't take them to real-life family reunions because what they will see there is probably worse than what is featured on the show. Ultimately, it seems as if 13 years old seems to be the magic number for the youngest of fans, with just a few outliers of opinion.